Logan Martial Arts: 50 Reasons The Fight Centre Is Your Best Option

Starting your fitness journey is hard. First, you’ve got to convince yourself that you’re ready to be consistent. Then you have to pick a specific sport or activity to try. And then, you have to sift through your options to find the best gym for you. If you’re near Logan, martial arts is an interest, and you want to learn from the best, TFC might be a good fit for you.

Finding the perfect gym for you is not easy. Needless to say, there is a lot to consider. 

  • How well do you like the place? 
  • What’s the community like?
  • How comfortable are you with the coaches and their instruction?
  • Do the classes they offer match your schedule?
  • Do you think they have the environment you need to meet your goals?

These are only a few examples of things you might want to consider, along with a thousand others. Honestly, there’s no one-size-fits-all guide to picking your ideal gym. And that’s okay!

The definition of your perfect gym is personal.

Sometimes you may even walk into a gym and decide that you like it (or you don’t) based entirely on the vibe you’re getting.

That’s why The Fight Centre offers a free trial class for first-time visitors. No pressure, no commitments. If you try it and decide it’s not for you, you can simply walk away. No hard feelings!

(We do have limited slots for each class, though. So if you’re interested, please do sign up here to reserve your free trial slot.)

Anyway, you’re probably here for one of two reasons:

  • You don’t quite have a gym in mind yet, and you’re scouring the net for possible options in your area, or
  • You’ve heard about the TFC and want to learn more about it to help you decide if you’re going.

Well, you’re in the right place! In this article, we’ll go through a whopping 50-item list of why TFC is the best option for martial arts in Logan.

(Alternatively, here’s an extremely detailed article on everything there is to know about The Fight Centre.)

  • About the gym

    1 The owners are very hands-on

    Ben and Jarvie met by chance as beginners at Ironfist. There, they experienced a culture that empowered positive transformational growth. They became more. More confident, more capable, more competent, and just… more. 

    When Ironfist closed its doors in 2014, Ben and Jarvie sought to keep the community and its culture alive. And so they established The Fight Centre with a clear goal in mind: to give others the same opportunity they had.

    And so they worked hard, day by day, from then until now, to make sure that the gym is heading in the right direction. You’ll most probably get the chance to meet them as soon as you visit for your free trial session.

    2 The gym has grown a lot since it started

    The journey has been fruitful, but far from easy. TFC began as a gym with the just the essentials. There was no signage or Facebook page, and it relied on word-of-mouth to get people in. Ben and Jarvie paid the gym’s bills from their day jobs’ wages to keep it going.

    It was hard, but well worth it. They saw individuals within the community flourish. The dream was well and truly alive. Growth has been gradual, but consistent.

    Now, when you walk into TFC, it’s hard to imagine it being anything less than it is now. TFC today has complete gym facilities and a wide array of training equipment. It will only continue to thrive with its positive culture and world-class team of coaches.

    3 We have an extremely diverse community

    the fight centre

    The mats are a place where we are all equal, and we make sure not to lose sight of that. TFC is home to people of all ages, ethnicity, religion, and occupation. It’s not just fighters, but also the people who come to learn, unwind, relax, and have fun. We have children, parents, teachers, and all sorts of workers.

    The people that join each day continue to become part of our community, and they can be yours too, if you so choose.

  • About the trainers

    5 We have a highly-qualified team of coaches

    The Fight Centre’s instructors are well-equipped to help you meet your goals, whether it be to lose weight, get fit, or have fun. They’re also prepared to bring out the best of your abilities for competition if that’s your goal.

    Catering to both the general public and rising stars in the competitive world is a science, and our coaches are scientists.

    4 Our instructors are a pretty big deal in the world of martial arts

    You know you’re getting legit martial arts knowledge when your coaches are renowned in their disciplines. We’ve got our gym owners, first off. Head coach Ben Johnston is a former WBC Muay Thai World Champion. On the other hand, we’ve also got Jarvie, who is currently the secretary of Muay Thai Queensland.

    Our BJJ lineage is pretty impressive too. TFC is affiliated with Southside BJJ who is the 10x QLD Champions in BJJ. Head coach Vicente Cavalcanti from Southside BJJ is also ranked as Australia’s #1 black belts in Gi from the AFBJJ National Ranking System.

    6 We have a pretty impressive wall of fame

    TFC Display

    The Fight Centre pursues excellence and achieves it. You’ll find championships belts up for display as you enter the gym. Sadly, this wall of fame doesn’t accurately represent everything TFC has ever achieved. That’s because BJJ doesn’t currently have championship belts. There’s no belt for the positive transformation of the people who come to the gym, either.

    In any case, TFC and its coaches have achieved a lot in the martial arts scene. Basically, what this means is that…

    7 Everything the coaches teach have been proven and tested

    Theories are all well and good, but nothing teaches better than practical experience. We’re not saying you should go out there and fight. Instead, you can opt for the next best option, which is learning from people who do fight. You can learn, put your all into training, and take comfort in knowing you’re learning techniques that actually work.

    8 We’re always trying to improve

    Since martial arts is highly competitive, it is always evolving. People are always trying to come up with new strategies to outperform others. That’s just the nature of things, so we must adapt as well. Our coaches are always looking to learn more, so they can teach more as well.

    (Some confine themselves to what currently exists in their discipline. It’s likely they will soon find themselves obsolete, and we don’t want that to happen to us.)

    Knowledge comes from various sources. Youtube is now an excellent source of ideas, as are some social media channels and online courses. We find that the best way to learn, though, is still to cross-train with other gyms. After all, there’s much to be gained in a mutual exchange of ideas.

    9 Our coaches have high training standards

    Of course, our coaches don’t aim to become the best just to half-ass your instruction. Remember, our goal is to empower a positive transformational growth within you. Sure, our positive culture plays a part in that, but it’s only a part of the equation. Another part is the quality of our instruction, and the last part is yours to fulfil.

    We do have different levels of instruction. The intensity of execution and complexity of techniques may vary across them. Regardless, the high quality of training will remain the same in all class types.

  • Our programs

    10 Boxing

    Boxing is the best option for those coming from a sedentary lifestyle. This is especially true for those who feel that their body isn’t very coordinated. Boxing engages all major muscle groups, but the bulk of movement will come from the upper body. In our boxing class, you will learn:

    • the boxing stance,
    • different types of punches,
    • how to defend correctly,
    • the different boxing ranges, and 
    • the boxing footwork, among others.

    The boxing stance is very stable, and there isn’t any need for you to raise your feet too far up. As a result, it makes a good starting point for beginners who aren’t very confident in their balance.

    11 Muay Thai

    TFC martial arts

    If you want more of a challenge right off the bat, though, beginners are also welcome to start with Muay Thai. Muay Thai also engages all of the body’s muscle groups, only to a higher intensity. It has a steeper learning curve compared to Boxing. In our Muay Thai classes, you’ll learn to:

    • punch,
    • elbow,
    • knee, and
    • kick.

    All these total eight points of contact, which earned it the name ‘the art of eight limbs’. Since it requires liberal use of leg strikes, it is a sure-fire way to improve your balance.

    In addition to the above, you’ll learn the footwork and evasive movements. You’ll also learn how to clinch. Clinching is an upright form of grappling, exclusive to Muay Thai.

    The best thing about this is that you’ll be learning from a qualified expert, former WBC Muay Thai World Champion Ben Johnston.

    12 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

    Two men get really close in partner BJJ drills.

    If striking isn’t quite your style, maybe you’d be more interested in our BJJ class. Our BJJ team is affiliated  with Southside BJJ, 10x QLD champions. Vicente Cavalcanti (Southside BJJ head coach) is also ranked #1 in Gi in the AFBJJ National Ranking System. Pretty nifty, don’t you think?

    Anyway, BJJ is a ground fighting system. It’s low-impact, making it perfect for people of all ages, and it burns loads of calories. BJJ is a system where size doesn’t matter, as long as you correctly execute techniques. As a result, it has become one of the most popular (and effective) self-defence systems out there.

    If you’re looking to get fit, learn practical self-defence, and exercise your body and mind, BJJ is the way to go.

    14 MMA

    MMA is any practice incorporating both striking (stand-up) and grappling (ground fighting). Most commonly, and as is the case in the TFC, it is a mix of Boxing, Muay Thai, and BJJ, with some elements from other systems.

    MMA has become incredibly popular both as a combat sport and fitness activity. At TFC, we offer our MMA program to fighters who are looking to build on their existing experience.

  • Class structure

    15 Our coaches scaffold your learning

    Some students are fast learners, while others take a bit more time. Our coaches make sure that everyone understands the techniques and concepts regardless of their learning style. 

    The class progresses as follows:

    1. Warm-ups with light cardio and dynamic stretching to get the blood flowing. 
    2. The coach will demonstrate the technique with the assistant coach.
    3. Students pair up and practise the technique together while the coach and assistant coach float around giving feedback and answering questions.
    4. Fitness burn: a high intensity fitness drill/circuit to make sure everyone get a great workout
    5. Cool-down exercises to gradually return your body to its normal state.

    Our coaches make sure to pay attention to see who might require assistance with the technique. They will provide additional instruction and step in to correct your form as needed. They may also modify some movements for those who have trouble with it.

    16 We have many classes for you to choose from

    We have classes running throughout the day, so you can pick the ones that best fit your schedule. You can view the full timetable, but this is how long each class runs:

    • Boxing and Muay Thai classes for adults are 45 minutes and 60 minutes
    • Boxing and Muay Thai classes for teens are 45 minutes.
    • Boxing and Muay Thai classes for kids are 30 minutes.
    • BJJ classes are 1 hr 30 mins.
    • Fighters’ classes are also 1 hr 30 mins.
    • Sparring sessions last an hour.

    17 We open really early and close late to suit schedules of all kinds

    TFC Review

    We’re open from 5AM until 9PM, so people who are busy during the day can workout before or after their work and family commitments.

    18 We have Kids classes Monday to Friday

    a martial arts teacher teaches a young boy the proper fight stance

    There are many physical and developmental benefits to kids practicing martial arts. That’s why we cater to kids from six to 12 years old. Kids’ classes begin at 3:45 PM, after school.

    19 We also have Teens classes for after school

    Teens are at a precarious period in their lives. They’re transitioning from the freedom of childhood to the burdens of adulthood. Moreover, their bodies are changing at the same time. Martial arts training provide a constant that they are in control of. It provides an outlet from the stress of schoolwork and is the perfect way to end a busy day.

    At TFC, we define teens as ages 13 to 16. Teens classes start at 4:00 PM from Monday to Thursday.

    20 We help you build your foundations in the general classes

    Once a teenager becomes age 17, they graduate to the general classes. Here, you will find fitness enthusiasts, those who train for fun, and beginners who are newer to the sport. You learn all the basics in the general classes, including techniques and building combinations. You’ll also be working with pads and the heavy bag. Drills as well, although with supervision from your coach.

    21 You move up to the advanced classes as you level up your skill

    You’ll improve as you train consistently. Eventually, you’ll become so proficient that you’ll be looking for something a bit more than the general classes. The coaches will assess you and your skills and move you up to the advanced class if you meet the criteria.

    22 Community days

    Whether we’re fundraising for our Martial Arts community in Logan or gathering for a goal setting seminar, TFC have cultivated a tight knit community who support each other and work towards a common goal.

  • The Fight Team and Fight Camp

    23 Become the best of the best with TFC’s Fight Team

    Some come into the gym looking to compete. Others just really want to challenge themselves. And people who fit the above criteria are usually interested in the Fight Team. The Fight Team is exclusive, and only a handpicked few can qualify for it.

    Still, we are always on the lookout for fresh talent. Your coaches will notice if you perform exceptionally well in the advanced classes. They will deliberate whether you’re ready for the Fight Team. And, if all are in agreement, you will receive an invitation.

    If you’re aiming for the Fight Team, though, it’s best to let your coaches know your intention. They can give you extra pointers or tips that will get you up to the level required. But it’s very important that you remain patient. Trust in your coaches when they say you’re not ready yet, and focus on improving yourself.

    24 Receive mentoring from a world-class champion

    Ben Johnston and our coaches are here to help you reach your goals. In the regular and advanced classes, that goal may be to get fit, have fun, and improve your skills. In the Fight Team, however, that goal is to become really, really good more often than not. And when you decide that you want to compete and become the best… well, when you’re in the Fight Team, you’re already on your way there.

    The Fight Team is The Fight Centre’s class of elites, and our coaches make sure that they’re always at the top of their game.

    25 Push yourself to the limits with the bi-annual Fight Camps

    For those who want to experience the intensity of training for a fight, our Fight Camps come around twice a year. For 8 weeks, you’ll be training consistently, getting your diet in check and paying particular attention to your recovery among other things. It’s no mystery that fighters progress most rapidly during their fight camps so if you’re interested in upgrading your skill set, TFC Fight Camps are the perfect option for you.

    26 Experience the thrill of competition with TFC’s Fight Night

    Put all your Fight Camp training to the test by competing in our ‘Fight Night’ events.  Participating in the Fight Camp will automatically qualify you to be matched for a bout on Fight Night. Experience the thrill of walking out to your music, climbing through the ropes and testing yourself in front of a packed house. Fight Night is a great opportunity to gain fight experience in a safe and controlled environment.

  • Our facilities

    26 Weights area

    TFC offers a fully dedicated weights area where our members can get a pump in before class, or finish their session with a weights workout. We have a squat rack, bench press, pull up bar, kettlebells and plenty of other strength and conditioning equipment to accomodate your weight lifting goals.

    27 Cardio area

    If working on your cardio is your goal, then we have a range of equipment at TFC to help you reach it. Assault bikes, kettlebells, skipping ropes are just a few specialized cardio gear in our Cardio area to increase your gas tank.

    28 Showers

    We have multiple showers in our facility for when you need to rinse off before class or have a relaxing hot shower after class. We encourage all of our members to practise good hygiene when training so we’ve provided the facilities to deliver on that commitment.

    29 Gym Ring, Heavy Bags and Boxing & Thai Pads

    Being a fight gym, we pride ourselves on our members improving their combat abilities. In order for that to happen, we have specialized equipment available for our members to hone their skills or prepare for their upcoming fights. We have a full sized ring, a gym full of heavy bags and plenty Boxing and Muay Thai pads available.

    30 Drinks fridge

    It’s the simple conveniences in life that make everything better. Having a fully stocked drinks fridge at your fingertips may seem like a small benefit but when you’ve just finished a huge workout, you need that Gatorade now!

  • Special features

    31 No lock-in contract

    how to start working out: find a good gym

    At The Fight Centre, we believe that we’re providing unparalleled high-quality instruction. We also actively cultivate a positive culture in our gym to help you transform into the best version of yourself. If you find that the growth you need isn’t with us, that’s ok too.

    That said, we are very confident in the value we offer. We don’t need to lock memberships in with a contract. When members find how much fun they have with us, we’re happy to see them return because they want to.

    32  Join the free trial class with no strings attached

    That said, we let new visitors get the TFC experience with a free trial class. No commitments! If you decide you don’t like it after you try it, then there’s no pressure, and no hard feelings.

    We can’t guarantee you a slot if you walk in, though. If you want to make sure we reserve a spot for your free trial class, visit sign up here to book a slot.

    33 Attend as many classes as you want with no extra cost

    There’s no such thing as limited access membership with us. Once you sign up for a membership, you’re free to attend as many classes as you want. Want to attend all the classes today? While we’d advise against overworking your body to the point of exhaustion, there’s really nothing we’re going to do to stop you. All jokes aside, our classes run from early morning to night so it’s not uncommon for our members to squeeze in two or even three sessions per day.

    34 Other services

    The Fight Centre has worked with disability groups and various teams from other sports to offer specialized group sessions outside of our normal classes. Our team of trainers and coaches can cater these specialized sessions to suit the needs of any group to help them achieve their goals.

    35 Fight shop

    If you’re looking for gloves, shin pads or any other gear or apparel, we offer a fully stocked Fight shop at our facility for your convenience. Try the gear on for size before you commit to buying or grab yourself a gym towel to wipe off after a sweaty session!

    36 Training Meal plans

    TFC is an official collection point for the renowned ‘Tick Tock Nutrition’ meal company. Used by elite athletes like NRL players, MMA Fighters and other high performance athletes across Australia, Tick Tock meals offer convenience and nutrition and can be collected right here at The Fight Centre.

    37 Accurately track your progress with the InBody Scanner

    The scale lies. It shows you numbers that don’t accurately represent the changes happening inside your body. The truth is that you could be losing size without losing weight. 

    Yup, that’s true. A litre of fat weighs 0.9 kg, while a litre of muscle is 1.06 kg. Muscle is much denser than fat. When you work out, you burn fat and build muscle. You could go down a dress size while being the same weight as when you started.

    But we see the need to track our progress, so we’ve got the best tool for that: an InBody Scanner. In addition to your weight, it gives you an accurate breakdown of your body composition. That is, to say, your body fat mass, muscle mass, bone mass, and water weight, among others. 

  • Online presence

    37 Find everything you need to know about us on our website

    People search for what they need online before they make an effort to visit physically. Everybody’s gotten used to finding what they need on the internet, so we make ourselves easy to find for you. Everything you need to know should be somewhere on our website. But if you have any further questions, feel free to hit us up!

    38 Learn about the finer details of martial arts from our blog

    Learning should not be contained in the gym. Sure, we learn a lot during classes inside the gym. But it’s not like we sit you down and give you an extensive lesson on the history of BJJ. Our blog has the following supplementary material:

    • techniques,
    • home workouts,
    • comprehensive guides,
    • insight pieces, and
    • other articles which may be helpful on your MMA journey.

    If you have something you’d like to learn about that isn’t on the blog yet, shoot us a message, and we’ll add it to the list!

    39 Reserve your slots with our online booking

    So you’re ready to go on your free trial class. Your bag’s all set, you’re geared up in your comfiest training gear, and you leave home a bit earlier, so you don’t arrive late. But then you actually get there… and there’s no space for you. What a nightmare! Make sure this doesn’t happen to you by booking your trial class before you visit.

    40 We like to contribute to the online combat sports community

    There’s no use in hoarding knowledge to ourselves, so we impart it to others the every chance we get. That’s why we’re active online too. Aside from the blogs on our website, we also contribute to forums, create video content on Youtube, and post to socials. Some people research on social medial rather than the website, and we always love to show them what we’re up to.

    41 Follow us on Instagram

    There’s always something new happening in the gym, and you wouldn’t want to miss any of it! Follow us on Instagram for the latest news, events, and random updates that’ll give you a peek into life at the TFC.

    42 Like us on Facebook

    We like to keep others stay in the loop, no matter what platform they’re using! Updates about the latest happenings at the TFC are on Facebook too, so go give us a like!

    43 Subscribe to our channel on Youtube

    Our blog provides plenty of info on the technical stuff, but some people learn best by seeing. (And, we admit, it’s rather hard to stay still read when you’re already all warmed up. Watching videos is just more convenient.) So we create visual guides that may help MMA fans train independently and post them on Youtube.

    44 Video breakdowns

    Aside from visual guides, our coaches also break down techniques to help you polish your form. By really going into detail with the specifics, you can really pay attention to what you need to focus on in certain techniques.

    At times, we also enjoy breaking down what happens during big combat sports matches. That way, even beginners can fully appreciate what’s going on inside the ring. You can view these breakdowns on Youtube as well.

    45 Online courses

    Speaking of independent training, home workouts really found their place in the world during the pandemic. Since fitness businesses shut down for most of the world, people had to adapt. More people wanted to know how to learn Boxing and Muay Thai at home, so we came up with comprehensive online courses to help with just that.

    It’s still no match for training with others. (No online martial course is, and if they tell you otherwise, they’re lying.) But it’s a good place to start and an acceptable substitute fitness-wise.

    46 Receiving feedback

    If you want to become the best, you have to go beyond the realm of what you think is good. We want to become the best, so we appreciate criticism with an open mind. Whether it’s about the gym, the website, or anything else, feedback gives us a point of reference on what we should improve. Just shoot us a message if there’s anything we should pay attention to!

    47 Newsletters

    Stay up to date with all that is happening in the TFC community with our TFC Newsletter otherwise known as ‘TFC News’. This is where you’ll find recent fight results, upcoming matches, recommended podcasts and video resources among other things.

  • Our community

    48 Friendly and professional


    We pride ourselves on being approachable and professional towards our community. That’s not to say that we don’t enjoy a bit of banter with our members. Our gym is suitable for everyone from kids to fighters competing at the highest level. This is why we make sure our members have a safe place to train in and a clean and positive environment to come to.

    49 No d*ckhead policy

    Combat sports gyms can understandably be intimidating for a complete beginner. This doesn’t need to be exacerbated by having the stereotypical ‘meat heads’ acting aggressive and being bullies around the gym. Our community is made up of people from all ages and walks of life so any ‘d*ckhead’ behavior is not welcome TFC and is quickly weeded out.

    50 Everybody is welcome

    Here at The Fight Centre we welcome everybody regardless of where you’re from. Our diverse community is rich with people from all cultures, professions and postcodes. No matter where you’re from, if your goal is to improve and be the best version of yourself, then we’d love to see you down at The Fight Centre.