Muay Thai

Muay Thai

Brisbane Muay Thai Classes

Wherever you are in Brisbane or Beenleigh, there’s a place for you at The Fight Centre. Our gym is open to anyone with all levels of experience.

Beginner Muay Thai Classes at The Fight Centre are broken into different skill levels. There you’d find more experienced students training separately in the fighter classes. Beginners get to start from the basics instead of immediately getting thrown into the deep end!

Why Muay Thai?

It's the most versatile striking art in a self-defense situation

Known as one of the best forms of striking in an actual self-defense situation, Muay Thai came from Thai warriors who fought in the war.

Most of today’s UFC fighters choose to cross-train in Muay Thai. The sport sharpens their striking by incorporating punches, kicks, knees, and elbows. This allows fighters to be more creative and have more options in how to attack an opponent. Combining these techniques is the reason why they call the sport “the art of eight limbs.”

Who benefits from Muay Thai?

Professional fighters aren’t the only ones that may earn the benefits of taking Muay Thai classes. Adults and kids from different walks of life can benefit from the training. It promotes a healthy lifestyle and boosts confidence & overall fitness for all. Most importantly, Muay Thai classes provide and improve self-defense skills. You’llYou’ll be sure to feel safer and more capable in the face of danger. Watch as the skills you learned exceed far beyond your training years.

There is something for everyone

  • Great for fitness

    Great for

    It’s no secret that combat sports are a great workout! Try a class, wear your fitness tracker and see the results for yourself!

  • Great for self defence

    Great for self

    Tools that you hope you will never need, but always want to have if you ever find yourself in a sticky situation where you need to protect yourself or your loved ones.

  • Great for competition

    Great for

    Want to jump in the ring? Great! Work hard and you may find yourself in our competition team of fighters who regularly compete!

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