Morning Muay Thai

Morning Muay Thai

Morning Muay Thai Classes

Jumpstart your day at The Fight Centre with our morning Muay Thai classes! Training in the afternoon isn’t really an option for many of us. (Especially since we adjust everything else to our jobs and personal commitments.) The Fight Centre offers morning Muay Thai classes to accommodate busy people. With an alternative time, enthusiasts can finally achieve their goals more conveniently. You can progress with training without having to compromise your priorities!

What To Expect In A Morning Muay Thai Class

Classes cover a variety of aspects including fitness & weight-loss, striking technique, beginner basics, and fight preparation.

Classes cover a variety of physical training. It includes fitness & weight loss, striking techniques, beginner basics, and fight preparation.

Muay Thai fighters are known for their strength, endurance, and agility. All these come as a result of their training regime. At The Fight Centre, we recognize that people have different purposes for training in Muay Thai. That’s precisely why we aim to bring training and fitness together in one place. For those who crave both, morning Muay Thai classes are the place to be!

What’s Muay Thai like at The Fight Centre?

The safety of our students always comes first. We conduct sparring sessions in a designated class. Students who aren’t comfortable with sparring may opt to sit out. After all, everyone learns and progresses at different levels. The most important thing for a student to want to keep learning is the gym’s environment and culture. This is why our Logan-based gym does its best to provide the most beneficial training and the most fun!

During our morning classes

Our morning Muay Thai classes run for 45 minutes. This allows you to get a hit of endorphins from the workout. It doesn’t leave you utterly exhausted from a grueling training session. Correct technique is such an essential aspect of Muay Thai training. There is always an emphasis on drills that give students a workout. They also improve the fundamental skills of fighters and civilians wanting to learn to defend themselves.

Australian Muay Thai Champion Corey Nicholson runs the classes. Having spent an extended period training in Thailand, the birthplace of Muay Thai, Corey has significant Muay Thai experience.

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