Womens Kickboxing

Womens Kickboxing

Womens Kickboxing Classes for All Fitness Levels

Ladies deserve a good workout, and the womens kickboxing classes at The Fight Centre deliver just that. We also teach skills that may one day help them in a self-defence situation. Classes are located in the privacy of our upstairs training area. It provides our students with the opportunity to learn in a safe and private environment.

Who can join womens kickboxing classes?

Kickboxing classes for women are suitable for beginner and intermediate levels of skill.

First-timers don’t need to worry about being thrown into the deep end. We emphasize learning and polishing the basics of kickboxing and Muay Thai while keeping fitness and health in check. Our experienced trainers keep it interesting by adding variety to the routine, so no two classes are the same!

Womens kickboxing classes are not designed to prepare them for a fight in the ring. They are about creating a relaxed atmosphere where they can learn the skills at their own pace. Along the way, they burn a few extra calories during the sessions. Women who would like to compete may scale their skills by joining the mixed classes held downstairs.

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