Meet the Fighters: Boum Lambarki

Keeping active while travelling isn’t easy. In fact, people tend to miss out on physical activity when away from home. This is particularly true for those who are frequently away on business trips. TFC Muay Thai fighter Boum Lambarki, who nearly had to choose between work and fighting, would agree.

  • Boum Lambarki started martial arts a little differently

    Boum used to have a noisy motorbike that he would park in front of a Kickboxing and Muay Thai gym at the building he lived in. Naturally, this irked the fighters training there, and they would joke about putting him in the ring with them. As an 18-year-old with little sense of fear, Boum Lambarki stepped up to the challenge.

    Unsurprisingly, he got his backside handed to him.

    In the process, he got to know the guys at the gym and made friends with them. Then he decided to train with them, first in Kickboxing, then in Muay Thai. Little did he know that martial arts would become a massive part of his life in the next 14 years. He got to train, visit new gyms, and eventually compete. 

    Boum Lambarki used to drive by TFC and one day decided to drop in for a visit. He met Mitch and Jarvie and got to experience the TFC culture for himself. He liked it so much he never left, and we love having him around! It’s a win-win in our eyes.

  • At a crossroads

    Unfortunately, there came a time when Boum had to make the difficult choice between his job and martial arts. As a fighter, he had to train every day. At the same time, work had him away from weeks to months at a time. You can imagine the sorts of problems a situation of this kind would pose for a fighter.

    Boum Lambarki knew he had to choose. Thankfully, his trainer Luis came up with a better option: to choose both. Armed with his network of trainers, he had Boum train at the closest gym he could visit while he was out of town for work. While initially it was hard to get used to, but eventually it worked out in Boum’s favour. He got to experience different training methods, trained with different people and grew his knowledge in fight preparation. 

    Today, Boum has fought professionally in five different countries. Eventually, he hopes to be up in the ring for five rounds of three minutes, fighting for a WBC Muay Thai title. But for now, he’s in the gym every night, training hard and helping his team mates improve their Muay Thai skills. Make sure you follow us for Boum’s exciting upcoming fight news!

  • Preparing for a fight

    Boum Lambarki doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all plan when it comes to preparing for a fight. He focuses on a few things: drills, technique, resistance training, and nutrition. Of course, he makes a point of being careful not to take away the fun of Muay Thai, even when training to fight. 

    Your past experiences are there for you to draw knowledge from, and Boum makes full use of that. Since he had previously lost from a spinning elbow, he worked hard to learn it, understand the mechanics of it and eventually using it in his very next fight, which earned him a knock out victory! Perhaps this is a good representation of his mindset: if you fall, stand back up and come back stronger. After all, mindset plays a huge part in fight performance, and Boum’s mindset is what keeps him bouncing back after a loss.

    Boum Lambarki would advise new fighters to be humble because things can change very quickly. Leave your ego outside the gym to give yourself the best chance to learn, get along with your teammates, and have discipline in training and life in general.

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