MMA Brisbane: A beginners guide to MMA gyms

MMA gyms in Brisbane are becoming more common as we see a rise in Aussie fighters representing on the world stage. UFC Featherweight Champion Alexander Volkanovski is a great example. Former One Championship 2 division champion Martin Nguyen is another. If you’re looking at giving MMA a go, here are a few things you should look out for. Check out our beginners guide to MMA gyms in Brisbane and anywhere else in Australia.

an MMA athlete shoots in on his training partner

  • Reputation

    Like anything, you’ll want to make sure the gym you’re joining has a good reputation. MMA gyms whether in Brisbane or anywhere else in the world will most likely have a website. A professional looking website is always a good sign of a professional gym.

    Google reviews are also a great way to gauge the gyms service and facilities. It’s worth reading through the reviews to see if they’re genuine reviews from real people. After reading through a handful of reviews, you’ll get a general idea of the gym’s culture and vibe.

    Another great place to learn more about an MMA gym is through their social media pages. Particularly Facebook. Here you’ll find the gyms community and the conversations that they have between them.

  • Trainers

    A trainer instructs a couple of fighters in the ring

    Surrounding yourself with experts is a great way to accelerate your learning. There are several notable MMA gyms in Brisbane, all with very capable trainers. Do some research into the Head Coach of the gym. Also read about the trainers that work there.  You’ll find that a well respected coach and quality trainers create an environment that is well suited for your new MMA journey.

    It’s a good sign if the gym’s staff have a good reputation amongst the Brisbane MMA scene. Creating a positive and encouraging culture is important for learning and consistency. Enjoying your training is the key for progress. The result of this will have you coming back for more, even if some nights are more challenging than others.


  • Roster

    If there are good fighters coming out of the gym, chances are they’re doing something right. A gym that consistently showcases well-performing fighters is an indicator that they’ve figured out a system that works. This is related to the previous point of quality coaches and trainers. However, having a quality fight team that consistently achieves good results proves that the method used to train them works.

    A good way to get a gauge whether an MMA gym is effective or not is to go out to one of the local shows. Promotions like Eternal MMA and XFC are MMA shows in Brisbane and Gold Coast that are constantly putting on events. These promotions provide up and coming MMA athletes from the Brisbane area to test their skills whether they’re competing as amateurs or professionals.

  • Facilities


    As the sport of MMA grows around the world, so do the MMA gyms. Brisbane is spoilt for choice from the north side to the south side. There are a few obvious elements of the gym’s facilities which are important to note before committing to it.

    Is the gym clean? How big is the mat space? Do they have enough heavy bags? Is there a ring/cage at the gym? What are the toilets and showers like? These are all things to look out for to make sure that the gym you’re researching can offer you the right environment to safely train in.

  • Try it out

    Fighters sparring in an MMA session

    Finally, and most importantly, one of the best ways to discover if an MMA gym is a good fit for you is to drop in for a visit. Most MMA gyms in Brisbane will offer you a free trial where you’re able to try a session. This is really handy when you’re out ‘gym shopping’ and trying out the MMA gyms in your local area.

    Most importantly, don’t feel pressured into joining a gym if it doesn’t tick all the boxes.  Take your time and choose carefully. Weigh up your options and make sure it’s a place that you can achieve your goals at. After all, you’ll be spending a lot of time there training, learning and improving your skills.