Muay Thai Morning Classes

It’s so common that personal goals and achievements get pushed to the side so that we have time for work, family, our social life, and many other things. Most people’s day consists of rolling out of bed with just enough time to get ready before leaving for work, staying at work for the majority of the day, then getting home with hopefully enough time to prepare dinner, maybe do a few routine chores, and if they are lucky, catch the latest episode of Game Of Thrones. With afternoons being so busy, and also the only time one can visit any local businesses outside of work hours, people are once again left neglecting their health, fitness, and personal aspirations. Muay Thai morning classes are a great way to achieve your goals without sacrificing the rest of your day!

Why are Muay Thai morning classes so good for us?

Starting your day with an endorphin release can leave you carrying that feeling of euphoria throughout the rest of your day. Muay Thai training has elements of both Aerobic and Anaerobic fitness, which gives you a fantastic all-round workout. This type of training can be challenging, but since it pushes your body, the after-effects are very rewarding. The psychological benefits of exercise have long been documented, with exercise causing the release of endorphins which combat stress, anxiety and depression, setting you up with a positive mind frame to attack the rest of our day.

The old saying “the early bird gets the worm” can definitely apply to Muay Thai training. With afternoon classes being busy, the instructors often don’t get to spend much one-on-one time with each student in the class, meaning that individual progress may not happen as fast in bigger classes. Since morning classes are usually much less busy, a student can expect to receive more from an instructor who has less demand for his attention and ultimately progress much faster with their training. This is especially true in Muay Thai morning classes in winter, where only a handful of people show up to class.

Muay Thai gyms can have a strong sense of community, and students often find some of their closest friends through martial arts. Although this is ultimately a good thing as it promotes healthy competition amongst friends, which keeps us coming back to class each week to continue improving, it also can at times be very hard to get any exercise done as people spend a lot of time talking rather than training. With morning Muay Thai classes having fewer people, there will be less “catching up” to do, and more free time to spend getting stuck into your training routine, with the added benefit of being able to utilise the extra available room in the gym.

Increase your productivity!

Starting your day with a morning Muay Thai session is like putting a big tick next to an item on your list of things to do that day (even if this tick only happens in your head). For many people, exercise is very difficult to get motivated for, and it is easy to find excuses not to go. But if you can force yourself out of bed and into the gym, you start your momentum for the day and find that you can keep accomplishing other tasks with ease! By getting something as important and difficult as exercising done straight away, it makes everything else you have to do that day seem much easier by comparison. Even if you don’t have any obligations after training that day, you can feel good about ourselves that you didn’t “do nothing all day”, since you made it to training that morning.

The hardest part about starting morning Muay Thai classes is making it a part of your routine (read about how to make training part of your daily routine), but once it feels normal to get out of bed that little bit earlier, you will see and feel the powerful results of making it to class on a regular basis!


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