Rumble at the Ridge 16

Jacob Hill and Jarrod Mason both fought for their second Queensland titles at the acacia ridge hotel on Ian Bronson’s show, Rumble at the Ridge.Both boys gave tough performances, making that victory even more satisfying.

Strength & Conditioning

Jacob Hill has achieved more in the sport than 90 per cent of the people to ever step in the ring, and he is only 13 years old. He had a tough fight against Connor Falvo, who was flown down from Mackay but managed to get the win with a split points decision. Jacob felt as though he wasn’t performing his best, but it shows how professional he already is, being able to push through even though he wasn’t firing on all cylinders.

Jarrod Mason had a war against the undefeated Riley Mcgloughlin from Heart-out Muay Thai. Riley was the bigger of the two boys, but Jarrod was able to get into a close range and throw big punches to secure his win. A very exciting fight to watch, with another great outcome for TFC.

Both men conducted themselves in a very honourable fashion, with both fights being hard-fought, but the boys showed class by being very humble after the decisions were given in their favour.