The Fight Centre’s New Facility Marks the Beginning of a New Journey

Eight years from the day it began, The Fight Centre moves to a bigger facility for martial arts and combat sports.

The 26th of September is a special day for The Fight Centre as it marks the beginning of a new journey at Meadowbrook. This is the first time that TFC is moving into a building they renovated specifically for martial arts and combat sports. The team is very enthusiastic about the future, especially for its community.

The new Meadowbrook facility comes in at a whopping 600 square meters! That means more parking space for the members, more mat space, and more space to train. It also means TFC will be able to accommodate more members at once than at their old location.

More space means that the TFC community has more space to fill. If you’ve ever been to The Fight Centre, you would know we value our community above all else. You can find talent everywhere, but it’s not every day that you find people with a strong sense of community. TFC members are not only welcoming, but also encouraging and committed to mutual growth for everyone.

Co-founders Ben and Jarvie first got a taste of this kind of community when they met as strangers on their first day at Ironfist Muay Thai. What felt to be the best gym in Brisbane unfortunately shut down six years after.

Ben and Jarvie knew they couldn’t let the community disband, so they rented a small space out the back of Springwood. Their new facility then had nothing but its members, and it wasn’t generating profit, but the dream was alive. It initially survived by bringing in members through word of mouth. Bit by bit, it grew to become the great TFC we know and love today.

Through the years, TFC successfully brought transformation to the thousands of people who have come through its doors. Some of them came and went. Others came and stayed. A few, even after they’ve moved onto other pursuits, still drop in to help out. Simply said, we are very proud of The Fight Centre’s community and its positive culture. If you’re not convinced, here’s what some of our students have to say:

(P.S. We’ve got different martial arts classes that run the whole day! You can pick which ones you want to attend and at what time. Check out our classes here and our timetable here.)

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