Why You Could Use a Muay Thai Personal Trainer

Why you could use a Muay Thai Personal Trainer:

The lifestyle we live in Australia often leaves us with very little flexibility in our schedule, which often results in not being able to take classes for the sports we love. Having a teacher with the flexibility to fit in the early morning, lunchtime or late-night session is the reason why many residents of Brisbane and Logan seek Muay Thai personal trainers.

When it comes to achieving goals, many of us sometimes need that extra push! When trying to get fit, lose weight or even training for a fight, it’s not uncommon to lose interest and motivation. Private muay Thai classes are the perfect way to make you accountable for your training. If you have a pre-booked, paid appointment with your personal kickboxing trainer it makes you much less likely to talk yourself out of going. By making that commitment, you’re not only letting yourself down but also someone else.

Motivation is a big incentive for getting one on one Muay Thai lessons, but there are also plenty of other benefits to having your own personal trainer; proper technique and form, sport-specific training, injury prevention, new perspectives and ideas, and personalized programs are all things which a PT can provide.

In Thailand, the birthplace of Muay Thai, lots of gyms base their entire training routine around one on one training. For many of the Farangs (westerners) which enter these gyms, they will never experience the “class” format that you often see in most Muay Thai gyms throughout Brisbane and Logan. This is much to do with the fact that the Thais base the majority of their training on pad work. This does not mean that this is the only way to train and get results, but it is proven time and time again as the Thais continue to be dominant throughout the sport.

It is very important to master the correct form and technique in any kind of fitness-based activities and Muay Thai is no different. You can watch as many UFC fights on TV or instructional clips on YouTube as you like but without having someone there pulling you up and showing you where you are lacking, you will never become a master. Personal trainers pay attention to the minor details to help build your all-round game.

At our gym, we have sport-specific personal training for Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai. The idea of having guys who specialise in different areas of fighting is to provide our students with the opportunity to gain help in areas which they believe they are lacking in most. Some of us may naturally be better at throwing kicks than throwing punches and my way to work with a trainer who has boxing experience to get their hands up to speed.

Most injuries during exercise can easily be prevented. Personal trainers are skilled in the working of the human body and should know what will work for you. Your trainer will teach you how to use equipment properly to prevent you from injuring yourself. Trainers also work with you to help prevent injuries in everyday life by helping increase balance, flexibility and core strength.

Getting private Muay Thai training can really help improve your training dramatically. Personal trainers are professionals at trying to get the best out of you and your training. They can see what isn’t working in your training plan and alter it so to avoid wasting the time which we all lack. Your trainer should be able to educate you with knowledge and experience providing you with tips and tricks to help develop a healthy lifestyle. No two people are the same, things that might work for you may not be as effective for the next person. A good personal trainer will set out a personalised training plan to get the best out of you.

The sooner you start the sooner the results will come.