Fighter’s Profile: Masato Fujimori

Masato Fujimori has been involved in Muay Thai for 15 years and has been involved with the training and guidance of many champions. After being the trainer and coach for years at Iron Fist Muay Thai, he was the perfect candidate to fulfil the same role at The Fight Centre – Brisbane.

Masato was a dedicated fighter at Iron Fist before switching his focus to concentrate more on the teaching of others as a part of his own martial arts journey.


His last fight was in 2009, but since then he has proven to be successful in coaching future champions. His skills as a trainer resulted in him being the dedicated pad holder and trainer for Iron Fist champions such as Michael “Tomohawk” Thompson and TFC’s own Ben Johnston.

His knowledge and ability came from training under Daniel Bell and also living and training in Thailand at the world-famous Por Pramuk gym alongside Muay Thai and K1 superstar Buakaw. This period of training in Thailand gave Masato the knowledge of authentic Thai style boxing and methods that have been practised long before kickboxing had become popular in the west. With the traditional style being very different from the western style, the transition back into the Australia Muay Thai scene was not always successful. Masato’s style and technique use powerful kicks, with longer and harder combinations adopted from Iron Fist founder Daniel Bell. Masato’s hybrid east meets west style is effective, deadly and adaptable.

His skill as a trainer and coach has been proven time and time again with a long list of Iron Fist Champions having Masato to thank a large part of their training. Masato is also credited for the success of TFC’s fighters and training that applies all of Masato’s experience and knowledge into a structure that can be adopted by beginners to pros.