Fighter’s Profile: Daniel “Iron Fist” Bell

Daniel “Iron Fist” Bell has always been known in Brisbane’s Muay Thai community as a fearless young man, with a razor-sharp warrior’s nature and all of the skill and technique to match.

"Iron Fist" Bell

Before his life as a gym owner, Dan began his martial arts career training in Tae Kwon Do at the beginning of his teenage years before a swift move to the Bloodaxe Stables run by legendary martial arts instructor, Malcom Anderson. Malcom Anderson is responsible for running almost 120 martial arts schools in Brisbane as well as heading the Bloodaxe family which incorporates over 20 Muay Thai stables. Anderson played the role of instructor and coach to many of the best fighters during the infancy of the Australian Muay Thai scene, making his contribution to Australia Martial Arts and the sport of Muay Thai immeasurable. With Anderson’s extensive and disciplined Martial Arts background, he was the perfect mentor for the young and impressionable Daniel Bell who was eager to learn the warriors’ craft and discipline.

Even during Daniel’s teenage years, it was clear that his body was already physically matured. This resulted in Daniel fighting opponents who were older and usually more experienced. In a true warrior’s fashion, Daniel relished and was not threatened by the challenges that faced him.

Before reaching his 20’s, Daniel completed in one of the famous Tamworth tough-man competitions, which were a round-robin style tournament with multiple competitors looking to take home the title. During the competition, Daniel knocked out a world champion, Scott Bannon during one of his bouts, an outcome which surprised many people and earned him the nickname “Ironfist” from the renowned Nugget Mcnaught. Daniel went on to win a Queensland light heavyweight title and a super-heavyweight title during his career.

In the lead up to Dan’s last bouts in 2006, Dan faced the greatest challenge in his life. Raising a family became a much stronger priority in Dan’s life as well as running his own Muay Thai gym. Dedicating his strength to his family and the development of others ultimately lead to the decision to step away from the sport as a fighter until there was a time when he could once again focus solely on his own training.

Daniel’s legacy is carried on by the multiple champions which he and his father, Allan Bell, produced and trained. The champions which Dan “Ironfist” Bell has produced over the years have been plentiful and successful and he continues to train and develop fighters at the Fight Centre.