Local BJJ Competitions & Leading Organisers


Brazilian jiu jitsu (BJJ) is a martial art that is growing in popularity year upon year. Although the artform has been around for about a century, it was when Royce (pron. Hoyce) Gracie demonstrated it’s effectiveness at Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 1 in 1993 when people around the world started to take notice. It has grown to the point that local BJJ competitions are taking place around the world monthly.

Just like any sport, competitions are setup as a way to determine who is the best in their given division. These events serve as an excellent way to keep students motivated while evolving the sport in an attempt to get ahead of the competition.

No striking is allowed in 99.99% of BJJ competitions. In actual fact, the only BJJ competition where it is allowed is Combat Jiu Jitsu, which allows for open palm strikes. Combat Jiu Jitsu is still in its infancy but it slowly growing in popularity. Click here to read about the BJJ rules.

In this article we are going to bring to light the top 4 BJJ competitions worldwide and some key information about them. We will also be mentioning some of the competitions that will be taking place locally (in Queensland, Australia) Q1 2021.

  • 1 IBJJF


    Founded almost 2 decades ago (2002), International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) is considered one of the main BJJ event organisers. The founder of the federation Carlos Gracie Jr. still heads it today, the Gracie family still playing a central role in moving BJJ forward. Some of the events that the federation run are: The World Jiu Jitsu Championship, The World No-Gi Jiu Jitsu Championship, Pan Jiu-Jitsu Championship and European Open Jiu Jitsu Championship.

    Notable competitors

    Considered to be one of the greatest submission artists in UFC history, Demian Maia fought in the IBJJF competitions before getting into MMA. Below you’ll find a fight he had with Gabriel Gonzaga (a UFC veteran). 

  • 2 ADCC


    Abu Dhabi Combat Club (ADCC) is considered to be the most prestigious competition in submission wrestling. With a history of being around for over 20 years, it has cemented itself as an important event in the submission world. Although it has been largely dominated by Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners, it actually sees practitioners from the top of multiple grappling disciplines come to compete. These other art forms include; freestyle wrestling, sambo, judo and a few others.

    No competitions from 2020-2021

    Unfortunately due to COVID we will not be seeing another ADCC competition until 2022. Interestingly, this will be the first time that more than two years has passed between competitions since it’s inception back in 1998.

    Notable competitors

    Check out what is arguably considered one of the best ADCC matches. Two legends of the sport compete, Kron Gracie (of the legendary Gracie family) and Gary Tonen (considered to be one of the best BJJ practitioners of our time).

  • 3 Grappling industries

    Although it hasn’t been around for as long as the previously mentioned competitions, Grappling industries is quickly picking up quite the loyal fanbase. Unlike traditional elimination style tournaments, Grappling industries offer a different format for participants and the audience to enjoy, in the style of a round-robin. This format has brought a fresh approach to the world of BJJ competitions.

    Notable competitors

    The round-robin tournaments are open to all challengers. Although uncommon, it isn’t impossible to find yourself pitted against a star in the martial arts world. In the video below you’ll see Sugar Sean O’Malley a rising star in UFC competing against a fellow grappler.

  • 4 NAGA


    Having been around for over 15 years, it should be of no surprise that the North American Grappling Association (NAGA) has a significant amount of members in its organisation. In fact, it has the most grapplers in any organisation in the world. Although the association’s name suggests that they are an exclusively North American organisation, they also run events in Europe. Some of the most popular grapplers and MMA fighters have fought at NAGA competitions.

    Notable competitors

    Check out Khabib Nurmagomedov (considered to be #1 p4p fighter in UFC) competing at a NAGA competition in 2012 below:

  • 5 Are you local to Queensland

    Looking for local bjj competitions in Queensland? Check out some of the options below..

    Taking part in local bjj competitions is an excellent way to gauge how well you’re progressing in the martial art and highlights areas you may need to improve on.

  • 6 Brisbane Championship

    Brisbane Championship

    Your first opportunity regarding local bjj competitions in Queensland is to compete on 07/02/21 at the Brisbane Championship.

    The IBJJF rules will be in-effect for this competition. Little information has been provided on the upcoming event, however if last year’s event is anything to go by, we should be expecting both Gi and No-Gi competitions for all ages.


    Check out the poster here.

    Sign up for the competition here.

    Location: 97 Dundas St W, Ormiston QLD, Australia

  • 7 Townsville Open

    Townsville Open

    Your second opportunity will be on 20/02/21 at the Townsville Open.

    They will be implementing the traditional IBJJF rules (link). The tournament is open to practitioners of all levels and ages. Both Gi and No-Gi tournaments will be run side-by-side. 


    Location: Upper Ross PCYC, Allambie Lane, Rasmussen QLD, Australia

    Check out the poster here.

    Sign up for the competition here.

  • 8 Caloundra Open

    Caloundra Open

    Looking to get in a few months extra training before competing? How about March? Our first local event happening in March will be the Caloundra Open.

    You can expect IBJJF rules to be in-effect, both No-Gi and Gi tournaments running and divisions for all ages.


    Here is a link to their poster: link

    Sign up for the competition here

    Location: Caloundra Indoor Stadium, North Street, Golden Beach QLD, Australia

  • 9 Central Queensland Championship

    Your last opportunity to squeeze in a competition in Q1 of 2021 in Queensland will be the Central Queensland Championship on 20/03/21.

    Similarly to events previously mentioned, you can expect IBJJF rules to be enforced. The format will be the traditional elimination style, with both Gi and No-Gi running side-by-side and a wide range of ages competing. 


    Here is a link to the poster: link

    Sign up for the competition here

    Location: Mackay Kodokan Judo Club, Swayne Street, North Mackay QLD, Australia