The Monthly Catch-Up: May 2020

New Month, New Content

In making sure our members continue to progress with their training, our Coaches have been hard at work developing new online training content. Available on the Kajabi website and app as part of the TFC Revolution, our new content aims to complement our ‘Muay Thai Development Program’ by demonstrating how to apply the fundamentals in different contexts. Keep reading for some of the highlights…

The TFC Revolution – Partner Drills

For those able to train with a partner, the ‘Partner Drills’ section of the TFC Revolution is packed to the brim with Thai Pad exercises and pure partner drills. Perfect to complete after a lesson of our ‘Muay Thai Development Program’, to apply your knowledge and skills, or as a separate session, these modules are designed to further refine your technique and work up a sweat.

Online TrainingBoth sections are divided into 8 modules, with each demonstrating a different shot or combination. Watch Coaches Ben Johnston and Mitch Nicholson as they take you through a short demo video, before following along in a longer workout.

Online TrainingLike our ‘Muay Thai Development Program’, these modules are designed for any experience level. Never held Thai Pads before? No problem! There’s a video for that! Not quite sure how to defend a punch? No problem! There’s a video for that! All you need to do is hit ‘play’.

Online Training

The TFC Revolution – Zoom Catch-ups

Monday – Friday, 5 & 6pm, Coaches Mitch Nicholson and Ben Johnston take our evening online training live-stream classes. (For more information on our live-stream timetable from last month’s edition of ‘The Monthly Catch-Up’, click here). If you aren’t able to attend or if you didn’t quite get the hang of something, we don’t want you to miss out! These classes are now available online ‘on demand’. Simply find a class and hit ‘play’.

The TFC Revolution – Bag Workouts

Bag workouts allow you to develop power, balance and speed. For those with access to a bag, we want to ensure this valuable part of your training isn’t being under-utilized. Join Coaches Ben Johnston and Mitch Nicholson in specially designed 5 x 2 minute round workouts to develop your technique and fitness. Perfect for completing after a lesson of our ‘Muay Thai Development Program’ as an after-burner or built in as a part of your general training routine!

Muay Thai

Pro-tip: Working in tandem with our online training program, our ‘TFC – Members Only Facebook Group’ is the place to keep up to date with new content and keep each other accountable. We love to see your comments and clips of your workouts, so keep them coming! If you’re currently not a member and would like to join our community, please contact us!

Feature: The Champion Mindset Workbooks

Although having covered ‘The Champion Mindset’ in a previous edition of  ‘The Monthly Catch-Up’ (click here to check it out), we cannot stress enough the importance of developing a strong and resilient mindset. Doing so enables you to build a strong foundation to achieving your goals, navigating life and becoming a better version of yourself.

Goals, and proper goal setting, are vital assets in your toolkit for success. In addition to providing direction, properly constructed goals allow us to develop discipline and change the way we perceive ourselves by making our goals more believable and relatable.

But what does that all mean, and how do you do it?

Join Coach Ben Johnston as he dissects how to properly set goals, through ‘The Champion Mindset Workbooks’. In this three-part series, Ben guides you through the goal setting process that aided him in winning his WBC Light-Heavyweight World Champion title in 2018. Take a deep dive into why goal setting is so critical, how we keep ourselves accountable, what’s holding us back and how we shape our goals to reflect the person we want to be. Accompanying each video is an editable online workbook, for you to complete at your own pace. Re-watch and re-complete each section as many times as you need to ensure you get the most out of this invaluable learning tool.

Remember – to become a Champion, in any endeavour, you need a Champion Mindset.

Join us in building yours! For access or further information, contact us!

The TFC Revolution: Kids Edition  

Now, perhaps more than ever, it’s important to keep the younger members of our community engaged and active. To this end, in addition to being able to complete our ‘Muay Thai Development Program’, we’ve created a series of shorter online training workouts, specifically designed for our younger cohort. Follow along with Coaches Ben Johnston, Mitch Nicholson and Raf Vilches, with special guest Isaac, as they work through developing technique, while having some fun!

kids muay thai

The best part? The family can get involved too! These online training lessons are designed to be interactive, so we welcome Mum, Dad, brother or sisters or any family member, to get involved in helping our kids stay focused and motivated. Check them out via the Kajabi website or app.

kids muay thai

All We Do is Win, Win, Win…

 Part of the journey to success is recognising our wins along the way. We often neglect to appreciate how far we have come and the small successes that enable us to build into bigger successes down the road. In an effort to help us reflect on our wins and celebrate those of others, we will be featuring ‘wins’ from members of the TFC Community each month. Whether fitness related or otherwise, we want to celebrate the successes of our members in making positive steps towards their goals – no matter how big or small.


Name: Daniel Hearn

Win: I’ve been sticking to a training routine the last few weeks and training the same time/days each week. It’s kept me on track and motivated. I struggled in the beginning of this lockdown stuff but sticking to a routine has helped a ton!


Name: Travis Cromhout

Win: I’ve lost 8kgs since the start of February through Muay Thai alone (no fancy diets) and am feeling healthier than any other time I can remember. Definitely not the way I expected isolation to go! This is a win for me as not only do I feel more comfortable in my own skin, but I’m developing a skillset that might just save my life someday.


A massive thank you to this month’s contributors! If you would like to submit your win for next month, please contact us!

A message from the TFC Team: Although this is an uncertain and tough time, we never cease to be amazed by the strength and resilience of our TFC Family – Stay safe, stay focused, stay strong!