The Monthly Catch-Up: April 2020

The TFC Revolution

As we strive to continue to deliver a high-quality training experience for our members, TFC is proud to present our new comprehensive online training program:

The TFC Revolution

Brisbane muay thai Brisbane Muay Thai

The TFC Revolution Online Training Program includes our seven week Muay Thai Development Program, ‘Champion Mindset’ Visualisation Exercise and Workbooks, Nutrition Q&A Sessions with Jack Doherty (The Combat Dietician)… and much more! No matter your experience level, each lesson is filled with gems to develop and hone every aspect of your training. Available on both via the Kajabi web site and through the Kajabi app, the TFC Revolution is always at your fingertips, whenever and wherever works for you.

The best part? You can stop, re-play and re-watch each lesson as many times as you need.

For access or further information, contact us!

Zoom in Your Lunch Room

While the TFC Revolution Online Training Program provides the flexibility to work out when and where suits you, we also understand the value and importance of face-to-face interaction, especially in a time of social distancing.

To this end, we now offer 6am, 9am, 4pm (Kids Only), 5pm and 6pm classes on our TFC – Members Only Facebook Group and on Zoom! Join Coach Raf Vilches in the morning and Coaches Mitch Nicholson and Ben Johnston in the evenings, and continue refining your technique and fitness!

TFC Timetable

Pro-tip: Although all our live stream classes are available on Facebook Live, we highly encourage all our members to join us on Zoom. Not only does this allow our coaches to give you real-time feedback, it also means we can have real-time chats with you too!

For access or further information, contact us!

Be there or be square.

The TFC Justice League

In troubling times, we all seek for a hero to look up to. During our Kids Classes in the last week of April, our kids got to be their own heroes. Led by Donatello of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Coach James Jarvie), Spiderman (Coach Mitch Nicholson) and Batman (Coach Ben Johnston), each student came dressed in their best superhero costume to form The TFC Justice League. Their mission: learn how to fight and look good doing it.

kids muay thai

Both students and teachers had an cracker time, with laughs and learnings had all around. Although, Batman has since needed to take some time off to recover from some very sore vocal cords. Being the voice of Gotham isn’t an easy job, after all.

In case you missed it, check out the video on our Instagram and Facebook page!

Book It In!

Achieving your goals is not just about putting in the work, but keeping yourself accountable and finding ways to build on your progress.  Whether your goal is to make a certain number of classes per week, being ready for grading or joining the Fighter’s Class, booking in is essential. Booking in enables you to keep yourself accountable and us to track your progress.

Like you would in our physical space, we want all members to be checking into their online training sessions with our online booking app.

TFC Booking System

Simply choose any of the available sessions for the day, even if this is not the specific time you complete your training. Our system is honesty-based, but we know our TFC Family is a pretty honest bunch!

For access or further information, contact us!

Welcome to the New Members of the TFC Community!

During these uncertain times, keeping physically and mentally strong is more important than ever. We are so excited to see our TFC Family continue to grow and would like to recognise the new members of the TFC Community who have begun their journey with us in March and April:

  • Eden Augusteyn
  • Rebecca Higgins
  • Laraine Cruz
  • Conor Carroll
  • Owen Rivadeneira-Cashen
  • Hayden Clarke
  • Mitchell Plummer
  • Anna Aristidou
  • Harmony Terare
  • Jacqueline Gray
  • Anthony Jacobs
  • Praisey Arirai
  • Tivai Neliata Taulealea
  • Tarsha Boske
  • Ana Loloma
  • Marti Fordyce
  • Jed McNamara
  • Elizabeth King
  • Grace King
  • Annabel King
  • Alexander King
  • Willoughby King
  • Lyle Finlay

A message from the TFC Team: While our physical gym is on temporary hiatus, this does not mean your goals and journey take a backseat. With the TFC Revolution Online Training Program, we aim to ensure you are still on track to achieve your goals in 2020. We look forward to seeing you grow and progress over the coming year!

All We Do is Win, Win, Win…

Part of the journey to success is recognising our wins along the way. We often neglect to appreciate how far we have come and the small successes that enable us to build into bigger and better successes down the road. In an effort to help us reflect on our wins and celebrate those of others, we will be featuring ‘wins’ from members of the TFC Community each month. Whether fitness related or otherwise, we want to celebrate the successes of our members in making positive steps towards their goals – no matter how big or small.

Name: Jayde Cinelli

Win: I have practiced 10 minutes of visualisations every day, for the past two weeks. This is a win for me because the more I remind myself of my worth and my achievements, the most these thoughts are present in my mind. I’m re-writing my brain so it automatically thinks of the positive.

Name: Daniel Hearn

Win: I’ve been learning how to teach my prep-aged son from home and I’ve been using a modified version of Ben’s ‘Champion Mindset’ Routine to help him with his confidence in his school work. I can see it’s been working, he doesn’t give up as quickly or second guess himself as much as he did before.

Name: Luke Brennan

Win: I have remained consistent with my training schedule during lockdown, with the help of the online live streams and modules. Keeping consistent with training is a win for me because I find training a source of release and comfort for me. It also means I’m not falling behind in my goals, and will be ready to jump into the ring when isolation is over.


Name: Aaron Carroll

Win: I have a few – my wins are that I’m working, am working big hours and still training 3 – 4 times a week. These are all wins for me, because I know how fortunate I am to still have a job and be able to continue with my training.




A massive thank you to this month’s contributors! If you would like to submit your win for next month, please contact us!

A message from the TFC Team: Although this is an uncertain and tough time, we never cease to be amazed by the strength and resilience of our TFC Family – Stay safe, stay focused, stay strong!