The Monthly Catch-up: March 2020

The TFC Virtual Reality Experience

After careful consideration of our duty to our members, their loved ones and the wider community, The Fight Centre has decided to temporarily close our doors as of the 11th March.

Irrespective of the conditions, our mission remains the same: to provide a high-quality Muay Thai training experience and work with our members to help them achieve their goals. Enter:

The TFC Virtual Reality Experience

Coaches Ben Johnston, Mitch Nicholson, Rafael Vilches and James Jarvie (with a few special guests) have been hard at work designing an online training system to help you keep on track. Our new online training system enables you to train anywhere you have some floor space, as if you were down at the gym. With an evolving library of Muay Thai classes for both adults and kids, each class takes you through a different technical aspect of Muay Thai and finishes with a fitness burner, to make sure you’re working up a sweat.

brisbane muay thai

To access the videos, head over to the ‘Online Training Videos’ section of our brother gym, the Boxing Institute. …and make sure to keep an eye out for some exciting developments coming soon…

If you have any issues with access or any feedback on content, please contact us via email or on our Facebook page.

Working in tandem with our online training system, our TFC – Members Only Facebook Group is the place to keep up to date with new content, provide feedback and keep each other accountable. We love to see your comments and clips of your workouts, so keep them coming! We have also recently introduced live stream workouts, held Monday – Friday at 6am, 9am and 5pm on our Facebook Page. So make sure to add it into the calendar – the more the merrier! If you’re currently not a member and would like to join up to access our online training system and community, please contact us!

Although this is a difficult time for all, we are confident in the strength of our TFC Family in overcoming the obstacles facing us.

Stay safe, stay focused, stay strong!

Major Key: The Champion Mind-Set

On the road to achieving our goals we all have our good and bad days. Having the tools to build and maintain a strong mindset is key to overcoming these obstacles, especially in such challenging times. If you can see it, you can achieve it!

As part of our online training system, we have included Coach Ben Johnston’s personal daily visualisation ritual to help you re-set and re-focus. This tool can be used for any goals in your life – whether they are related to fitness, finances, relationships, study, work or a combination of the above!

Put simply, to be a Champion (in any endeavour), you need to have a Champion Mindset to get there. Join us in building yours!

To access the video, head over to the ‘Online Training Videos’ section of our brother gym, the Boxing Institute.

If you have any issues with access, please contact us via email or on our Facebook page. If you’re currently not a member and would like to join up to access our online content, please contact us!

Book It In!

Achieving your goals is not just about putting in the work, but also keeping yourself accountable.  Booking in your classes means you can keep yourself accountable and we can track your progress. Whether your goal is to make a certain number of classes per week or being ready for grading come mid-year, booking in is essential.

Like you would in our physical space, we want all members to be using our new online training system in tandem with our online booking app.

TFC Booking System

Simply choose any of the available sessions for the day, even if this is not the specific time you complete your training. Our system is honesty-based, but we know our TFC Family is a pretty honest bunch!

To access the booking system, find the link here and please check your email for your unique PIN. If you have any issues, please contact us via email or our Facebook page.

White I & II’s

It’s always exciting to start something new, but the difficulty is in maintaining consistency in working towards reaching your goals. We want to celebrate those new members who have shown real commitment, by achieving their White I & White II stripes in our Muay Thai classes.

brisbane muay thai

White I:

  • Lachlan Mitchell
  • Aymen Nejari
  • Laura Stokes
  • Sandraa Montenegro
  • Adam Burton
  • Jason Sinokula
  • Marijana Utjesinovic

White II:

  • Nevada Matthews
  • Dion McClymont
  • Dean Thomas
  • Kiki Townley
  • Shanil Reddy
  • Jathusanth Maheswaran
  • Skye Brooks
  • Leah Athan
  • Gillian Emmanuel
  • Joel Healy
  • Tararainsey Phan
  • Shua Xiong
  • Cody Robinson
  • Symon Webb-little
  • Tina McKittrick
  • Julian Sinokula

Congratulations on your achievement!

A message from the TFC Team: While the gym is on a temporary hiatus, this does not mean your goals and journey take a backseat. With the implementation of our new online training system, we aim to ensure you are still on track to achieve your goals in 2020. We look forward to seeing you grow and progress over the coming year!

Fight Calendar

With a view to act in the best interest of our Fighters’ and the broader TFC Family, we have decided to remove our Fighters’ from all events until further notice. Like our decision to temporarily close our doors, it is not a decision we have made lightly. But we feel it is the right thing to do in doing our part amidst the current health situation. Our focus is to protect the health of our members and the broader community and are excited to resume our Fight Calendar for 2020 once the current situation is well and truly behind us.

brisbane muay thai