Another great day of kids exhibition fights!

Once again The Fight Centre – Brisbane hosted a day of Muay Thai action for all of the kids to display the skills they’ve been learning in an exhibition-style fight.

Another great day of kids exhibition fights!

The day had ten fights in total, with twenty students turning up; almost all of the regular attendees to the kids’ Muay Thai classes. Every student gave 100 per cent effort! All fights were fully padded and only a few select bouts with the older students were allowed contact to the head.

“The day is intended to be a chance for our kids to show their Mum and Dad what they have been practising every week, in a low-pressure environment.” Said trainer James Jarvie.

“The fights have no winner or loser, but every kid definitely shows their competitive side while in the ring!”

The Fight Centre – Brisbane’s attitude when it comes to the students competing in a sanctioned competition in the ring is that no student should be forced to fight.

“We never force our students to compete in the ring, but we support them %100 when they make the decision to step over the ropes.” Said trainer Ben Johnston.

“We realise that not everyone wants to be a fighter, but everyone should have the opportunity to learn the skills, even if they wish to never apply them in a competition bout.”

Kids classes are every Tuesday and Thursday at 4:00 pm at The Fight Centre – Brisbane.
1/15 Watland street, Springwood.