Fight Camp At TFC

Members who participate in TFC Fight Camp can choose to train Boxing or Muay Thai during the camp.TFC Fight Camp is back by popular demand!

Fight Camp is an 8-week fight-ready program designed to offer our members the opportunity to experience the lifestyle of a fighter.

For those who want to jump in the ring to compete, fight camp can fast-track you there, with a fight night event in week 9.

We know that a lot of people are attracted to this program because they want to work toward that fight night and get in the ring, but this isn’t a corporate fundraising event, or a money making venture, if it was we’d sell it to anyone – but it’s only open to our members, and those willing to commit to becoming a member.  There’s good reason for this, let’s explore…

One of the pillars of the TFC Mission Statement is a ‘Room Full Of Champions’, because a room full of champions raises the standards of everyone around them.  You can see this in the way our classes are structured, everyone is on the mats, fighters and beginners learn and train together.  The more people we put on the mats with a champion mindset, all working towards a common goal, the greater impact it has on the entire room.

But it’s not just about what happens in the gym.  The lasting effects of combat sports extend far past our doors, helping to improve mental health outcomes, assist with emotional regulation, improve daily habits and foster a disciplined lifestyle.  It builds confidence and enhances decision making.  In combat sports training you go toe to toe with adversity and get valuable feedback in real time. 

When you’re getting punched in the face or kicked in the stomach, you can’t turn around and run away, you need to figure out what happened and correct it, and you need to do it fast.  You need to be ok with your mistakes, accept them and move on, making the necessary adjustments so that you don’t get hit again, and you have to calculate how you’re going to come back from it and then execute, and all of that needs to happen in seconds. The coaches you have during Fight Camp will be the same coaches in your corner on fight night.

Those are the lessons you take out of the gym and into your everyday life.  Over time, dealing with tough situations gets a little easier, not because life got easier, but because you got better at it, and now you have an impact on the people around you; champions are infectious, and it changes lives.

When we run Fight Camp at TFC, we’re putting more champions in the room and you can feel it.

So we want those champions to stay on the mats, to fall in love with combat sports, to become fans, to adopt the culture and lifestyle that comes with it, and not walk into the gym for 8 weeks to taste the glory of getting in the ring, get some photos for instagram and then walk back out again, that’s not the kind of space we want to create.

There is a time, mental and emotional cost that far exceeds the financial investment involved in participating and running the TFC fight camp program, both for our members that take part and for our entire staff.

After running 3 fight camps in a row almost back to back, between December 2021 and November 2022, we needed to take a break, now we’re back with V4, 2024.   V4 returns to the roots of the Fight Camp program, first tested in 2016, and since then proven hundreds of times over, for novice and experienced athletes alike.

To apply to be a part of V4 at TFC you need to have a weekly membership with us and you will need to pay the additional costs involved with the program.  Applications are first considered through submitting an expression of interest form.  Expressions of interest will open at 9am on Friday, February 2nd, and close at midnight on Friday, February 9th.

In TFC Fight Camp you are coached by active, established and high achieving fighters like Nick 'Slick' Kepu.The team will review all applications before deciding who will be invited to participate, and invitations will then be sent out on Monday, February the 12th. 

Of course spaces are limited, and if you are invited you will have 24 hours to accept the invitation or it will be passed to the next person on the list.

Fight Camp V4 starts March 2nd, expressions of interest dates are strict and no late applications will be considered, so my advice is – don’t wait.