TFC Fight News, May 2024

Since our last fight news update, the Fight Team have banked some solid appearances with notable titles.  Across all codes, our fighters have set themselves up for an even stronger 2nd half in 2024.  Jake sums up the TFC Fight News for us in this May Update and gives you a sneak peek into how June is looking, check it out…

Ben Johnston, Eternal MMA Middleweight Champion

Ben Johnston wins Eternal MMA Middleweight Champion

LFG To The UFC?!

You don’t have to look too far to find a whole gang of people who think the next Aussie to get a shot at the UFC is our very own Benny Johnston.  It’s been a couple of months since Ben claimed the Eternal MMA Middleweight Championship title (but still big fight news as we await the UFC Perth Card for August).  Ben beat Welsh power puncher – John Fraser to claim the title.

After a pretty competitive first round Benny managed to capitalise on an overzealous takedown by Fraser against the fence and nearly popped his opponent’s head off!

He said ‘Hooks? Never heard of them’ and just snatched the neck, and cashed the cheque.

It was an incredible atmosphere.  The place shook when Benny got his hand raised. (I’m surprised Queensland Police didn’t have the defect squad ready in the car park because about half of Logan was there.)

This is pretty much the best foundation for a UFC campaign you could ask for; so if you come across posts urging you to tag Dana or Mick please join in. Remember, the more buzz Benny generates, the greater his chance of stepping into the revered UFC Octagon!

Nick Slick Kepu returns to MMA with a first-round knock out.

Nick Slick Kepu returns to MMA with a first-round knock out.

A Slick Return

A week before Ben won the Eternal title we had Slick Nick Kepu jumping in at Beatdown Promotions for his own Middleweight scrap.  Prior to this bout, injury’s had stalled the momentum on Nick’s MMA career, but he hit the ground running on March 8th.

Apparently, Nick had somewhere to be because he threw about a hundred punches in a minute, and got the finish in the first round.  If you wanna have a cry before Nick’s next bout coming up June 22nd (more to come on that) check out the behind the scene’s video here.  It’s brilliant.

PFL MMA regular season - Chelsea Hackett TFC

Chelsea Hackett PFL MMA

In Other Fight News, TFC On The International Stage Again – Chelsea Hackett MMA

TFC was centre stage and ring-side on one of the biggest MMA promotions in the world, the PFL.  PFL recently acquired Bellator, so their share of the market just increased 10-fold.  The PFL format is an exciting tournament style, points system, over a season and our very own Chelsea Hackett is currently mid-season with her next match already scheduled.

Her first bout of the season saw her and Ben back in Texas, USA to compete in the 2024 Season kickoff.  While she didn’t get her hand raised this time, the season isn’t over and she has a strong chance to regain those points to get on the leaderboard for her Flyweight division.

Head over to the TFC YouTube for an incredible, in-depth exploration of the week in Texas before the fight.  It’s pure gold for those of us who love to peek behind the scenes.


Harry Sheppard Eruption Muay Thai win, sets stage for path to National Muay Thai title

Harry Sheppard setting himself up for a National title bout

Harry ‘Daddy’ Sheppard Strikes Again (Literally)

Representing the Muay Thai crew this month was Harry ‘Daddy’ Sheppard.

Harry ‘gutsied’ out a tough win at Eruption Muay Thai over Jye Van Polen. Jye came bursting out of the gates and Harry weathered the early storm repeatedly targeting the lead leg and using a solid guard to mitigate most of the damage.

The leg kicks ended up paying dividends in the third round when his opponent could barely walk.  This allowed Harry to do what he does best – land at range, with the most infuriating smile on his face.  I know it well, having trained with Harry on the mats at TFC for a few years now, it’s a big part of the reason I enjoy watching his fights… because he’s hitting someone that’s not me, and I know exactly how it feels!

TFC Takes Home 2 Gold And 1 Silver At The 2024 BOXING QLD Novice Titles

When 2023 opened the TFC Amateur Boxing Team had 1 consistent player – Josh Jenkins.  Ben had invited a handful of guys in from the December 2022 Fight Night, but by as early as February 2023 their efforts and attendance had started to wane.

Around the same time we made our return to the Australian Olympic Boxing Pathway with Boxing QLD, banking some strong wins in a couple of big tournaments early in the year; still, that didn’t stop a lot of the new guys from falling off, and before too long Josh Jenkins was a one man fight team.

As it turns out though, he was the right man to have on the canvas.  Josh’s consistency, technical ability and absolute love of The Sweet Science, as an athlete, fan and analyst, paid off, drawing more people down to that side of the gym.

The same weekend that we had Nick on Eruption, we had 4 of our boxer’s compete at the Boxing QLD 2024 Novice Titles.  And while Josh wasn’t one of our medallists that weekend, he can most definitely take some of the credit for the 2 Gold medals and 1 Silver medal that TFC came away with.

As we approach the halfway mark of 2024 our Boxing team is looking stronger than ever, and all in all, it’s been a rewarding experience re-establishing the team with Ben at the helm as always.

Fight News Coming In June…
(Current at time of publishing)

78th Rumble At The Ridge
Jayde Cinelli TFC v Ayla ‘BDK’ Briscoe
WKBF Queensland Light Atomweight Title

XFC 71
Darcy Vendy TFC v TBC
Max Davidson TFC v TBC

JMMAC Caloundra
TFC MMA Amateur Fight Team (names to be confirmed)

14/06 (Australian Date)
PFL MMA (Texas, USA)
Chelsea Hackett TFC v Dakota Ditcheva

Eternal MMA
Nick Kepu TFC
Jonathon Aiello TFC

Rebels Boxing Ipswich

Hamma MMA
At time of publishing no TFC athletes currently matched

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