Jimmy Urwin retires with his head held high.

Jimmy Urwin is one of those guys that proudly represents “old-school”. His no-frills training style that consists of a strong work ethic has seen him compete in the sport for over 10 years, and have over 40 fights, milestones that very few achieve in the sport.

Jimmy Urwin

Jimmy first found his way to Ironfist back in 2009 after a few years away from the sport. He had previously trained with some of the best Muay Thai fighters in the world, at the renowned K6 gym, alongside the likes of Chris Johnstone, Bruce “Preacher” Macfie, and Scott “the Cannon” Bannon. It was safe to say that he had a good skill set before entering the gym, but the transformation that would take place over the next few years surprised many people, including his old training partners.

Along the way to Jimmy’s recent retirement fight, he collected numerous titles including; WKBF, WMC, and WKN Queensland titles, multiple ISKA Australian Titles, and a WKBF World title just to name a few, but what stood out as a moment where Jimmy had reached a new level in his growth as an athlete and a fighter, was his victory over his old training partner, Wayne Martin. Most people that knew both fighters would have put their money on Wayne to take the win, but on the night of the fight, Jimmy put on an absolute clinic, taking the win with a unanimous points decision and securing the prestigious WMC title.

His last night of fights was on the recent “Destiny” promotion, where Jimmy competed in an 8-man competition against some of Australia’s best. He managed to win the first two fights against “Baby” Baukaw, then Odin Daniels, to put himself in the final against young gun Nathan Robson. Unfortunately, Jimmy didn’t go out the winner in what was almost the Fairly tale ending to his career, but there is no doubt that Jimmy gave 110% on the night, as he always does.

Jimmy suffered his defeats along the way, but he also has a list of opponents that contains more stars than a desert’s night sky. Some of his notable opponents include Mark Sarracino, Anthony Foy, Benny Mahoney, Chad Collins, Yoshi Ueda, and many many more. He can finish his career knowing that he never dodged a fighter, and never puffed out his fight record with easy wins.

Congratulations on an amazing career Jimmy!