Kids Boxing classes

Kids boxing classes are now being run out of our slacks Creek facility, at unit 6/3485 pacific highway, Slacks Creek for ages 6 to 12 years old. The classes fundamentals are based around discipline, self-defence, and instilling a technical base of boxing into our young students.


Kids boxing classes can be a very effective way of ingraining the correct movements into young people, as during this developmental period, young minds and body will allow these techniques to become second nature. As we get older, we form bad habits, and as the saying goes, old habits die hard!

Using a combination of controlled contact drills, some tried and tested (old school) exercises, and a few games in the mix to keep it fun, the classes are designed to show students in the kids boxing classes how a real boxer thinks and moves.

Kids boxing classes – ages 6-12 years Monday & Wednesday at 4 pm

“We take our kids classes seriously at TFC. We don’t want them to just be a babysitting class, but we want the kids to take something away from their time with us. Whether it be in the sport of boxing or increased confidence that they can carry with them in their everyday lives…” – James Jarvie, TFC kids boxing trainer.

“…It is important to us that our classes keep their integrity, but we also want students to have fun as they learn! We understand that there is a time and place for goofing around, but we are always sure that our students are quick to respond to any tasks or instructions given, and they understand where the boundaries are for what is and aren’t acceptable.“

Our trainers have had real fight experience, along with many years of training under their belt, and hold blue cards that allow them to work with children legally.

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