Muay Thai heavy bag workout

Are you tired of doing the same old Muay Thai heavy bag workout? Maybe the bag you’ve got isn’t quite giving you the workout that you need.  Here are some solutions to make sure you have the right heavy bag for the right Muay Thai workout.

  • Which bag do you need

    Heavy bags can come in a variety of sizes.  For Muay Thai, a longer heavy bag will accommodate all of your techniques including your leg kicks.  As a result you can choose from the different sizes which will be perfect for your Muay Thai heavy bag workout.

    6 ft bags (roughly 180cm) and 5 ft bags (around 150cm) offer plenty of height. These are great for working everything from punches, kicks, knees and elbows.

    To clarify, if you don’t have a bag this size, don’t worry.  You can use any size bag to get your Muay Thai workout in. That is to say that you can adapt your striking appropriately for the size of the bag.

    For example, check out this review by TFC’s Ben Johnston on which heavy bag is suitable for your Muay Thai workout.

  • What is the point of the Heavy bag workout

    Muay Thai Heavy bag workouts are versatile.  As a result, they are great for improving your cardio and fine-tuning your technique. Similarly, you can also use it to burn calories and relieve stress.

    Whatever workout you choose, make sure you set your intentions before starting your workout. You can maximise your workouts just by focussing on one or two specific outcomes.  For example, your intention for today’s workout might be ‘working combinations for a cardio workout’. Another example would be ‘drilling kicks to develop my balance’. Either way, your intentions should be specific and goal oriented to ensure you get the most out of your session.

  • Drills for skills

    As mentioned above, the heavy bag is a great tool for improving your Muay Thai technique and sharpening your form.

    Below is a Muay Thai Heavy bag workout that you can follow along with. It’s a workout by Ben Johnston which uses kicks to develop your balance.

    There are several benefits to working on the heavy bag.

    One is that you can take all the time you need.  If you’re fine-tuning your technique, you can go through your reps as slowly as you need. This will ensure you get the right movements down.

    Another is that you can hit the bag as hard as you want to without hurting anyone.  This is perfect for training for power where you can repeatedly strike a target with maximum force.

  • Get that cardio

    The heavy bag is a great tool for any Muay Thai fighter to increase their cardio.  Simple cardio workouts are effective and don’t require a lot of time. Therefore, maxing out your heart rate during the session is a great way to get the most out of your workout.

    Sean Fagan aka. Muay Thai guy has a great channel on Youtube where he posts Muay Thai workouts and training tips. For instance, check out this video of a structured 20 minute Muay Thai Heavy Bag workout that will have your lungs burning!

  • Final thoughts

    Planning your training will help get take your heavy bag workouts to the next level.  Therefore, taking some time out to assess your goals will help you decide which workouts will achieve them.  Do you want to increase your cardio? Let’s plan a 20-minute Muay Thai heavy bag workout.  Looking to improve your technique? Let’s drill a certain technique for today’s workout.

    Above all, be specific with your goals.  There are many free resources online that are available at your fingertips. In other words, the videos above are just some examples. In addition, there are also structured programs online that you can purchase from reputable trainers.

    Whichever way you choose to do it, the heavy bag is your best friend during your solo Muay Thai workouts.