Nathan “Carnage” Corbett Visits TFC

On Saturday, July 4, The greatest heavyweight that Australian Muay Thai has ever produced came to The Fight Centre – Brisbane to share his knowledge with the MTA (Muay Thai Australia) members.

Nathan corbett seminar

Nathan has a presence that is remarkable. From the moment he started speaking, the gym fell silent, and all members present listened eagerly. He spoke about the fighter’s mindset, told stories about his fights and life experiences, and shared techniques which he has acquired through a lifetime of martial arts training and experience.

The fact that it was his first seminar in Queensland, made it that little bit more special than it already was, knowing that he has travelled all over the world conducting seminars, yet we lucky few were able to be the first locals to experience what the world champion has to offed those willing to learn.

Scheduled for two hours, Nathan had no problem going half an hour overtime just to fit in a few more secrets on his famous elbow techniques. The Fight Centre – Brisbane is looking to bring Nathan back for a members-only seminar for the students, as ones who were lucky enough to be present are all putting their hand up for another session with the Gold Coast world champion whenever the next opportunity arises.

To find out more about Nathan Corbett, or to book him for a seminar of your own, click HERE to visit his webpage.