Overall success at Eruption Muay Thai

The Muay Thai promotion “Eruption” is beginning to cement its place as the biggest show in Queensland at the moment. The atmosphere gets better with each show and the match-ups continue to impress. Our boys Corey Nicholson, Michael Thompson, and Matty Seden all fought on the July 3 event, and all can be proud of their efforts!

Matty Seden all fought on the July 3 event

Corey had a tough fight against up and comer Jayden Staiti, and unfortunately couldn’t quite find his groove that would bring him home the Win. the first few rounds were very close, but toward the end of the fight Jayden began to control the fight more and ended up getting the decision. We are always proud of our boys’ efforts, and this fight is no different as Corey hung in there until the end. Congratulations to Jayden.

Matty Seden against Jamie Young was an absolute crowd-pleaser. Both boys are absolute warriors and this fight ended up being more exciting than their first encounter. Such a close contest with neither fighter taking a backward step during the bout. Matt did enough to take home the win,  but both boys were very battered after the fight.

Michael Thompson has a 5 round fight with Jamie Stamp, who proved to be a difficult opponent. Michael landed the bigger and more precise shots of the two fighters, that would drop Jamie during the fight and leave his leg extremely sore, but Jamie would land more frequent combinations. A Close battle for the MAD WMC World Title, that Michael ended up winning with a split points decision.

A great effort from all the boys, and a fantastic show to be on! All of the fighters deserve a good rest before heading back into the gym to sharpen the tools for their next fights.