The Monthly Catch-Up: September 2020

Rewind: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in September

 Our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes are in full swing, now running Monday – Thursday nights, under the teaching of Coach Icaro.

Whether you’re attending a No-Gi class or Gi class (for more information on our timetable, click here), each session runs for 90 minutes. Each class is divided into: warm-up, fitness, technique and a free rolling period, to provide students a chance to apply their learnings in practice.

In a short space of time, our students have covered a wide range of techniques and positions. These include essential movements and positions (like hip escapes, full guard, half guard, side control and mount) and range of submissions (including the Americana, rear naked choke, anaconda choke, armbar and kimura).

And we’re only getting started!

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Want to learn more about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu? Take a look at our library of resources available here.  Alternatively, you can contact us or come down and check out our classes in person!


Hi! My Name Is…

You might have noticed the friendly face at the Front Desk is looking a bit different of late. No, Nate hasn’t undergone some work (that we know of), instead he’s passed on the baton to our new Operations Manager, Jacquie!

Serving as the Beauty and Brains behind the Front Desk, Jacquie has joined TFC as of the first week of September – and we couldn’t be more excited to introduce her to you! Here she is, throwing up a TFC sign. Whilst she hasn’t gotten it down pat just yet, we’ll give her a pass … for now.

As we mentioned, Jacquie’s official title is “Operations Manager”… but what does that mean? As she describes it:

“I take care of all our members – helping to guide them, foster their growth and holding people accountable in order for them to achieve the goals, when joining the TFC Family. I help to create and implement procedures and new ideas in order for the business to grow and assist with maintaining a consistent and steady flow on a day to day basis! Aaaand I’m also an unofficial PA to Ben and Jarvie!”

 To help you get to know Jacquie better, we’ve asked her the real questions you want to know. Take a look at her responses below…

Q: We know your name, what’s your story?

A: Jeez, my story is lengthy mannn! But in short, I’m a banana (Asian on the outside, but white on the inside), a professional dancer and have recently discovered a big love for training Muay Thai and Boxing!

Q: Favourite quote or expression?

A: Happiness is only real when shared.

Q: Favourite musical act?

A: Me singing in the shower! But seriously, I love the Lion King Stage Production!

Q: Favourite food?

A: Ice cream and hot chips! Not together… unless they’re from Maccas! I also love a cheeky pizza.

Q: Best memory or experience at TFC so far?

A: Being able to meet new people each day and create new friendships!

Q: What does TFC mean to you?

A: A bunch of hard working, dedicated, loyal and kickass legends who help each other to be the absolute best they can be and achieve their goals (and that I get to call my family) #oss

 Welcome Jacquie! We’re so excited to have you join the TFC Family!


New Content Alert! Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Edition

You know the drill – new month, new content! Keep reading for a preview of what’s dropped in September.


You Get an Armbar, You Get an Armbar, Everyone Gets an Armbar!

The armbar serves as both an effective and entertaining part of any Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu artist’s arsenal. A highly technical submission, perfecting the armbar requires time, patience and practice. Unfortunately, it can be especially taxing on some body parts over others, especially for the guys.

Lucky for us, Coaches Icaro and Ben have put together a video that breaks down the armbar and demonstrates how to effectively execute one, without injuring yourself or your crown jewels.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Check out the video here.


So Fresh, So Clean

At TFC, we strive to provide quality training gear at an affordable price. Whether it’s gloves, wraps, or T-Shirts, we’ve got you covered.

With the addition of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to our Family, we’re excited to announce the release of our TFC-branded rash guards. Designed to give you a snug and comfortable fit, all while reppin’ TFC and looking good doing it.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

After all, you gotta look good to Jiu Jitsu good. Enquire at the Front Desk to get yours!


Welcome to the New Members of the TFC Community!

Amidst these uncertain times, keeping physically and mentally strong is more important than ever. We are so excited to see our TFC Family continue grow and would like to recognise the new members of the TFC Community who have begun their journey with us in September:

  • Aimee Corias
  • Alex Zhang
  • Aurora Liddle-Christie
  • Branton Termine
  • Caleb Evans
  • Chan Phan
  • Char Te Ao
  • Chazlie Benussi
  • Chloe Johnson
  • Christopher Faagutu
  • Craig Maybury
  • Daniel Ives
  • Dawnlee Pitiroi
  • Elliott Burnett
  • Exodus Krause
  • Gursewak Singh
  • Harmanpreet Singh
  • Harmony Terare
  • Harrison Karamatic
  • Jack Freier
  • Jack Kingi
  • Jackson Fraser
  • Jake Mercep
  • Jakob Freier
  • Jasiah Wilson
  • Jesse Rea
  • John Cowell
  • John Faagutu
  • Jordan Eades
  • Joshua Pullen
  • Joshua Rae
  • Kieren Leneham
  • Kobe Carter
  • Landon Jarvis
  • Leighton Browne
  • Levi Godena
  • Levyn Rana
  • Link Hockins
  • Matthew Anderson
  • Matthew Preddy
  • Mitchell Evertt
  • Mohammad Jaffari
  • Nada Radisavlievic
  • Nicole Tucker
  • Rhyze Hockins
  • Riley Foulis
  • Robert Moyle
  • Sam Voss
  • Shane Clitheroe
  • T’ara Cole
  • Tahni Metzger
  • Tom Blennerhassett
  • Tyler McMillan
  • Zac Smith

Welcome! We look forward to seeing your progress and are excited to help you in achieving your goals!

new members at tfc


All We Do is Win, Win, Win…

Each month, we use this part of ‘The Monthly Catch-Up’ to celebrate the wins of our amazing TFC Community. Reflecting on and celebrating our wins helps us to remember where we’ve come from and the progress we’ve made. Far from being a self-indulgent exercise, it helps build and re-affirm our self-belief in what we can achieve.  Over the past few months, we have loved hearing about the progress our members are making towards their goals.

 Name: Ben Johnston

Win: It’s been a huge win for me to see the BJJ classes grow, and develop some really loyal students, without taking away from the Boxing and Muay Thai classes. It’s been great to see all three disciplines grow separately but harmoniously!

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Name: Prashilta Naidu

Win: I recently challenged myself to start BJJ classes and every class brings a new win; whether it’s being able to do a forward or backward roll, or feeling slightly less gumby in my movements. Every class pushes me slightly further out of my comfort zone and challenges me physically and mentally. Being able to keep pushing myself and striving is a huge win for me!

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Thank you to Coach Ben for your win! If you would like to submit your win, please contact us!


Fight Calendar

After a brief hiatus, we are very excited to announce our Fight Calendar has returned for 2020! Our Fighters have continued to train hard throughout the year and can’t wait to put on a show.

For ticketing or other enquiries, please see our Front Desk or speak to the relevant Fighter directly. Fight shows are subject to change so please keep an eye out on our Facebook and Instagram pages for any changes.


24th: Harry “Daddy” Sheppard and Saxyn “The Sheriff” Pobjoy-Sheriff @ Destiny – Beenleigh Showgrounds, 38 – 44 James Street, Beenleigh 4207 (Muay Thai)  

Our Fighters’ truly value and appreciate your support – so please, show them some love!

Pro-tip: At the fights –

  1. Make sure you’re rocking your best TFC gear!
  2. Always use the TFC Sign in all photos – use liberally, without discretion and make sure to teach your family and friends.
  3. Tag @thefightcentre in all your photos!


Until next time – happy training!