The Monthly Catch-Up: July 2020

The Re-Opening: Phase II

The return to TFC’s physical location in Slacks Creek continues to roll on, with a return to our normal timetable as of the 5th of July.

As well as the resumption of our pre-closure timetable, we’ve also moved to include full contact drills in our classes and the return of our sparring classes on Wednesday nights (for more information on our timetable, click here). In addition, we’ve increased class limits to 40 people/class and removed the previous weekly cap on classes.

Our strict cleaning procedures still remain in place and we continue to require all members to bring their own gear and towels to every session. And if you don’t have you own gear yet, come talk to us! With the return to full contact, it becomes even more important to keep up the great work our members have been putting in to help keep TFC a clean and safe place to train.

From the TFC Team: Thank you for your support and effort since our re-opening. We’ve loved seeing the hard work many of you have put in over the break. And for those who are yet to return, we can’t wait to see you down at the gym soon!

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New Content Alert

As well as the TFC Revolution (for more information, click here) we’ve got plenty of online content to keep our members informed and entertained. With tips and tricks to develop your skills and Fight IQ, here’s a preview of the new content released in July –


Ben Johnston’s Total Request Commentaries

Imagine this – watching your favourite fights, with expert insight, analysis and reactions from a World Champion. Well, imagine no longer! TFC is proud to present: ‘Ben Johnston’s Total Request Commentaries’ – expert insight and analysis on Muay Thai, Boxing and MMA fights, as requested by our members.

Drawing on his personal experiences as a fighter and a coach, Coach Ben deconstructs strategy and technique (keep an eye out for his on-screen demonstrations!) to demonstrate what worked, what didn’t and why.

The current series of commentaries includes: Liam Haggerty v Mohammed Bin Mahmoud, Jonathan Haggerty v Joseph Lasiri and Rodtang v Jonathan Haggerty (2). But we are far from finished! There are more commentaries in the works, so make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to ensure you don’t miss out on the next one!

As part of your TFC Membership, you also receive access to the TFC – Members Only Facebook Group where you receive more in-depth information on news and content. It’s also the place to submit your requests for ‘Ben Johnston’s Total Request Commentaries’.  If you’re currently not a member and would like to join our community, please contact us!


Muay Thai v BJJ – Which Reigns Supreme?

With the growing popularity of MMA, the debate between Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) continues to become more and more relevant. Though they share some similarities, they are also vastly different. So how to decide?

Check out our new article discussing this age-old question: Muay Thai vs BJJ – which one is better? Follow along as we consider each martial art and what it involves before comparing the two in a number of key criteria, including: which is easier, where can each be applied and what is more effective or useful in a real life scenario. We also take a punt on a hypothetical match-up between a Muay Thai specialist up against BJJ specialist. Check out the article to see how it ends!

On the BJJ front, we have some exciting developments coming up in August, so keep your eyes peeled! And if you’d like a sneak preview on next month’s content, come down to the gym to check it out for yourself!


Back to Basics

While a knock-out by a flying knee or crescent kick might make for an entertaining highlight reel, any fighter will tell you you’re more likely to knock out an opponent from a perfectly timed cross, hook or kick. Mastering the fundamentals, in the words of the immortal DJ Khaled, is a major key on the pathway to success.

Sounds easy enough, right? Luckily, we’ve come up with some tips, tricks and insights to help you get the most out of your training regime. And the best part? With our physical location now re-opened, you can come down and ask our Coaches any questions you may have and show us your progress!

Check out the article here.


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Welcome to the New Members of the TFC Community!

Amidst these uncertain times, keeping physically and mentally strong is more important than ever. We are so excited to see our TFC Family continue to grow and would like to recognise the new members of the TFC Community who have begun their journey with us in July:


  • Angad Soomal
  • Ariel Hugo Banse
  • Ayden Green
  • Ayyan Khan
  • Bailey Foulis
  • Carter Chu
  • Craig Macken
  • Damion Morris
  • Emma Montocchio
  • Ethan Cooper
  • Fatima Zahra Sarfudin
  • Hanna Mousa
  • Harmony Terarw
  • Ikhin Watson
  • Jacob Stevenson
  • Jahkylan Tangatakere
  • Jo Higgins
  • Joshua Terrill
  • Juncheng Zhou
  • Jurnee Kopu
  • Jury Murphy
  • Justin Bush
  • Kaden Lurch
  • Kai Challen
  • Kaiden Schuster
  • Karl Junior Lurch
  • Khidr Naaman
  • Kianna Yasso
  • Kim Ryan
  • Kochi Mataffa
  • Kodhi-Lee Mastaafa-Smith
  • Malcolm Harihari
  • Michelle Sacurom
  • Moata Korewha-French
  • Natasha Briggs
  • Nicholas Dippel
  • Nicolas Jiang
  • Nkyiaz De Silva
  • Paychence Oliver
  • Sarah Jiang
  • Serenity DeSilvae
  • Sheree Jiang
  • Slater Abbot
  • Stacey Ivernee
  • Tash Atwal
  • Tekaiji Schuster
  • Tyson Ngamotu

Welcome! We look forward to seeing you grow and progress over the coming year!

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All We Do is Win, Win, Win…

Each month, we use this part of ‘The Monthly Catch-Up’ to celebrate the wins of our amazing TFC Community. Reflecting on and celebrating our wins helps us to remember where we’ve come from and the progress we’ve made. Far from being a self-indulgent exercise, it helps build and re-affirm our self-belief in what we can achieve.  Over the past few months, we have loved hearing about the progress our members are making towards their life goals.

This month, while we only have one win to celebrate it’s a pretty big one! This one comes from Coach and Co-Founder of TFC, James Jarvie!

Name: James Jarvie

Win: Shenayd and I are having another baby!

Thank you to Coach Jarvie for your submission and congratulations to you and Shenayd on your wonderful news!

If you would like to submit your win, please contact us!


Until next time – happy training!