Chelsea Hackett – ‘She Likes Being The Underdog’

We dropped some bombs on this weeks YouTube ep so we backed it up with a blog post here – we don’t want you to miss out on seeing it wherever you look for us.

If you haven’t read the previous fight news blog, published in May, you would’ve missed out on the fight team event calendar for June, and it’s hectic!

At the time we published that blog end of May it was current, but since then we’ve had XFC cancel their show (Darcy and Max were on that card), which was a drama all of its own, but as we officially kicked off June there wasn’t time to wallow in it, because as we edge closer to the next Eternal show on the Gold Coast, the big show is almost on again for Chelsea, with Ben accompanying her to Connecticut, USA.

James Jarvie co-owner of TFC
Of course, the news everyone was waiting for was whether or not TFC would be hosting another Fight Camp in the same calendar year, and you don’t have to wait any longer, because James Jarvie announces Fight Camp V (5) in this same episode.

Here’s how the episode goes…

Chelsea Hackett: Former WBC Muay Thai champion turned professional MMA fighter Chelsea Hackett joins us to discuss her upcoming fight on the Professional Fighters League (PFL) stage. Chelsea shares her journey, preparations, and what’s at stake in this high-stakes bout against Dakota Ditcheva. Watch our video on her last fight on PLF –…

Jayde Cinelli, one of TFC's lead Muay Thai fighters.Jayde Cinelli: We catch up with Jayde Cinelli as she prepares for her Muay Thai Queensland Title fight at Rumble at the Ridge on Saturday, June 8th.

Nick Kepu and Nate Law: Follow Nick Kepu and Nate Law as they talk about their upcoming professional MMA fights. Get an inside look at their preparation, strategy, and what it means to represent TFC in the cage. Watch Nicks last fight in the cage –…

Ben Johnston: Our very own Ben Johnston updates viewers on the busy fight calendar for June. Get the inside scoop on all the upcoming matches, including key dates and fighters to watch. Stay informed and support our fighters as they take on new challenges. Learn from Ben –…

James Jarvie: Co-owner James Jarvie announces the dates for TFC’s next Boxing and Muay Thai fight camps. Find out some key requirements to be able to join the team.

So do us a solid and click to view this weeks episode on YT now!