Michael “Tomahawk” Thompson talks fighting, training routines, stealing blankets and more (Audio interview)

Michael Thompson Interview

Michael “Tomahawk” Thompson has long been recognised as one of the top fighters in Australian Muay Thai. With almost 60 fights to his name, there are very few people in the sport who are as experienced as he is, and even less that can match his list of accomplishments.

Currently, TFC head trainer Ben Johnston and Michael Thompson are in Thailand starting their year with a rigorous training camp. Both men are expecting to have a busy year of fights, and both are kicking off with bouts in April (2016). After one of their intense training sessions, Ben asked Michael a few questions in an effort to gain perspective on how a professional world champion’s life differs from the rest of ours.

In this sit-down, Michael talks with Ben about the benefits of training in Thailand, some of his upcoming and previous bouts, the art of balancing of life, work, and training, and much more.

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