Big Month Of MMA & Muay Thai At TFC

Where The Bloody Hell Are Ya?!

I’m opening this month’s newsletter with a CALL OUT. 

My first article back into writing for TFC was about my journey to a TFC Muay Thai Black Singlet, and that’s where I’d love to see so many of you take your Muay Thai.

Some important key points…

-> Grading is coming up on the 20th of JULY for both Adult and Teen Muay Thai and BJJ. We’re calling it the ‘Mid-Year Mega Grading’ and we need you to make it mega. 

-> Grading is included in your membership – there’s no extra cost.

-> You need to get registered for Grading Day, you can do that here. 

-> Spectators are free and oh-so-welcome, so bring your friends and family down to grading day.

-> EVEN IF you don’t think you’re ready to grade, turning up for grading day is a fantastic way to gauge where your skill level is at, with all the TFC past and present black singlets on the mats to put eyes on you…

And it’s great for the community, so I wanna see you there!

Not everyone is going to have a sick highlight reel to Jimmy Barnes like Benny does, that’s just facts. (By the way, if you haven’t seen it, check it out here).  But what you can have is a memento of your time on the mats.

No matter your age or how long you think you plan to train for, it’s not just a slick looking singlet with a coloured stripe, it’s the effort it represents, and it’s not just any old belt that you’re wearing, it can be years of drilling, sweat and dedication wrapped around your waist.

Me personally?  I can tell you right now, I was waaaaayyyy happier when I got my TFC Black Singlet than I was at my Uni graduation ceremonies.

I didn’t have to get up off the floor after Boum sent me around the world, or show up the next day after tapping more times than a morse code operator in Normandy to get those expensive pieces of paper, BUT I did to get those singlets.

Point is, if you’re still on the fence about coming down Jarvie has a cracking article on why it’s important and he has way more knowledge than I do – Gradings are an integral part of the martial arts journey at The Fight Centre. They symbolize growth, dedication, and achievement. Whether you’re progressing through the belt system in BJJ or advancing through the singlet levels in Muay Thai, each step is a milestone worth celebrating.” – James Jarvie


Ok that’s out the way, now let’s take a look at our July Fight Cards, first up we’ve got Diego & Harry on the same night!


It’s The Black Panther Beatdown
(I mean on Beatdown)

Yerp!  Main event incoming!  Diego Pereira aka ‘El Pantera Negra’ is on Beatdown Promotions, July 13th at Eatons Hill Hotel.

The man has fought pretty much every name in the Aussie MMA featherweight division so they had to go all the way to the land of the rising sun to find a new opponent.

It’s gonna be Diego’s first fight for Beatdown, so when you grab your tickets online be sure to enter his name after/at check out.

We always wanna be sure the promoters are aware that our fighters have the full weight of the TFC crew behind them – ensuring they get more exposure and opportunity.

If you haven’t seen Diego fight yet, you can catch a lot of his past MMA fights on Fight Pass; and Eternal recently uploaded his fight against Michael Tobin to their YouTube channel.  Let me tell you, if you like seeing shins hitting chins, that’s the MMA video for you, Diego can turn the lights off quicker than Energex if he catches someone slipping.

He can strangle ‘em..

He can snooze ‘em..

The man’s got skills that pay the bills.

Tapology currently has him as the #1 MMA Featherweight in Australia and NZ, and we get to learn from him every day at TFC.


The Liver King

Meanwhile on the same night, as Diego enters the cage over on the Northside of Brisbane, everyone’s favourite smiling assassin, Harry ‘Daddy’ Sheppard will be defending his WBC Lightweight State title on Muay Thai League 11.

Harry is one of the hardest working blokes at the gym inside and outside of Muay Thai, and he’s been on an absolute tear, looking better each time he steps in the ring.

Sheppard’s last fight on Eruption was one of his toughest challenges yet and he passed with flying colours.  If you were there you would’ve witnessed him weathering an early storm from his world-class opponent and then basically taking the bloke’s leg off.

I’m predicting Harry to win TKO by liver annihilation but he’s got so many tools in his belt I wouldn’t put it past him to whip out a sneaky Hadoken.

Tickets for Harry’s match are available at the TFC Front Desk with some cold, hard cash, and we don’t have many on hand, so check next time you’re in for training.

He Fought The Law And The Law…

Just before the month is out, young Nathaniel Law will be fighting on ‘Shuriken Fight Series 18’ – July 27th, Auckland, NZ.

On his home turf in Aotearoa slinging leather Nate will make his MMA PRO DEBUT, and he’ll be looking to put on a good show.  Nate is on a 3 fight winning streak since we’ve been blessed to have him training over at TFC, and he fits into the team so well I forget he’s only been here for 11 months.

I love watching Nate fight. His kickboxing base means he has an absolute whip of a head kick and I can’t wait to see him use it to put a panel beating on some poor blokes noggin.

He also has the wildest taste in workout music as anyone in his classes can attest to, he is truly ‘polyjamorous’ – no music genre is off limits.

And for those of us who don’t feel like traveling to Auckland in the winter, no worries – Shuriken Fight series is on UFC Fight pass!