Picking The Ideal BJJ Gym For You


This may come as a surprise to you. A BJJ gym with the best trainers won’t necessarily lead you to getting the best results.

On paper a more reputable gym with the best training facilities should allow for optimal results. However, there is more that needs to be considered.

In this article, we are going to share with you how to find your ideal gym.

  • 1 What environment do you like to train in

    The ideal training environment is largely subjective. There are people who simply refuse to train if the smell of the gym isn’t quite to their liking or if the changing rooms aren’t to their standard. On the other hand, some people simply don’t feel the training environment is ‘right’ unless they can get a real sense of ‘grittiness’ when they walk into their gym. Being aware of what environment you feel works best for you, will be helpful. You may already know what it is, if not, feel free to experiment.

  • 2 What kind of instruction style do you prefer

    You want to make the most of your time and money. Sometimes you’ll find yourself in a BJJ gym where the instruction style is not to your liking. If this sounds like you, you’re unlikely to be setting yourself up to reach your potential. Again, there is no right answer, it very much depends on the person. There are people who prefer the hard-headed drill sergeant style of instruction. Others prefer a slightly softer more empathetic approach to training. Striving towards your potential requires you to make honest and thoughtful decisions about the stages involved in the process. Do what works best for you.

  • 3 Do you click with trainers

    The relationships that we have with people, no matter who they are, is important to our general sense of well-being. This is especially the case when it is a person that we are looking up to for guidance. It is possible for you to learn from a trainer that isn’t to your liking. You’re likely however to learn at a faster rate if you gel well with those you are being taught by. Not only will you feel happier before getting to the gym. You’ll also likely feel more comfortable approaching your instructor with questions. In general, you’ll build a better bond with your instructor if you’re a good match. This all fundamentally leads to becoming a better martial artist.

  • 4 Do you click with partners

    You’re likely to be seeing the same training partners on a regular basis if you train at a BJJ gym. Who you train with can make a significant impact on whether you want to even go training or not. We wouldn’t suggest not going to training just because you don’t get on especially well with your training partners. However, we would suggest exploring different gyms if that is possible in your area.


    One of the catalysts for significant jumps in ability, in a short period of time, is training with other enthusiastic martial artists. Once you find yourself with link-minded comrades looking to improve, your game will come on leaps and bounds.

  • 5 Are you excited to go

    Consistency is key with any skill you are trying to improve. Martial arts is no exception to this rule. You’re far more likely to want to train regularly if you are enjoying where you are training and who you are training with. This should be one of the main factors you look for in a BJJ gym. It may take you a bit of time to decide whether a new gym that you’ve started at is right for you, so give it time. However, if you feel after some time that the environment just isn’t right for you, that you aren’t enjoying it and worse you’re trying to find excuses not to go in to train, this is a major signal that a change of camp is important for you to continue your journey as a martial artist.

  • 6 Elite partners wont always make you elite

    There is no doubt that a more experienced martial artist is capable of sharing certain gems with you that a person your level may be completely oblivious to. So, in some ways, this can help you improve. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll necessarily be making the best use of your time and energy by training with elite fighters. If part of the reason that you’ve picked a BJJ gym is that you’ll have the opportunity to meet certain fighters, then that makes complete sense. However, if you are genuinely looking to get the best experience which will allow you to improve at optimal levels, don’t let the fact that elite fighters train there be your sole deciding factor.

  • 7 Atmosphere means alot

    If you’ve found your ideal BJJ gym, you’re unlikely to be bothered by external factors that would quite easily annoy someone who doesn’t quite fit. Things like the weather being far from ideal or having to travel a fair distance to make it, are relatively unimportant when you find yourself training with people you genuinely get on with. It also helps when you’re being instructed by trainers that you respect and make you feel like you good when being taught.

  • 8 Dont expect

    Some people plan their entire vacation around visiting a certain well-known gym abroad and sometimes find the experience didn’t live up to their expectation. While word-of-mouth and review sites such as TripAdvisor are a great source of information, nothing is quite like being there yourself. As mentioned previously, the ‘ideal gym’ is a subjective term. We suggest against booking a 6-week camp with a gym you’ve never trained at before because of its 5* reviews and in the same vein, not completely disregarding other gyms that may be less polished.

  • 9 Conclusion

    There is no objectively ‘ideal gym’. Just like with most things in life, it is about experimenting, seeing which place works best for you. Becoming a martial artist is a journey. You are likely to travel to different places to train on your journey. Be true to yourself and find places that genuinely fit your needs to get the most out of the experience of training your desired martial art.

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