Fight Night: Wrapping Up Fight Camp 2021 (No, It Wasn’t a Fitness Bootcamp)

*Editor’s note: TFC Fight Night is returning on the 26th of November, except it’s not just a Fight Night, it’s going to be a WHOLE DAMN FESTIVAL!

What is the TFC Festival?

November 26th, The Fight Centre’s training facility will be transformed into a bona fide fight venue. It’s not just a fight night, it’s a whole festival! Fights, food trucks, family entertainment—you’ll find them all. There’ll be plenty to see and do while you absorb the in-ring action that our Fight Camp team has been working so hard for over the past 10 weeks. Not only do we have our fight camp contenders jumping in the ring to battle it out, we also have:

  • 2 food trucks- Elements Taqueria and Benz on Miller
  • Cupcakes & brownies by Shenayd’s Cupcakes
  • LSKD stall and giveaways
  • Hair braider- Stitchwork by Star
  • Barber- Vali Kepu
  • Outdoor games, good vibes, prizes and giveaways (including personal training sessions at TFC up for grabs)

If that isn’t exciting for you, then we don’t know what is. November 26 is going to be the biggest and best event we’ve put on to date, so make sure you get down the the TFC Festival and bring your family and friends!


Wrapping up Fight Camp 2021

On Saturday, the 4th of December, The Fight Centre Brisbane hosted their inaugural in-house ‘Fight Night’ to cap off their first-ever 8-week ‘Fight Camp’.  Of course, this was not your typical fitness Bootcamp. 42 fighters battled it out over 21 fights for a successful night of impressive performances, a touch of showmanship and a tonne of heart.

  • Going out with a BANG

    Far from a fitness bootcamp, this was a real fight night

    Before the first bell was to ring though, there was plenty of action already happening in the facility. As the announcer went over his final notes, the production crew began bumping in the audio and visual gear.  Lights went up and immediately illuminated the stage while the organizers checked and double-checked the live streaming setup.

    TFC volunteers topped up eskys with drinks and melting bags of ice while others prepared hotdogs and snacks ready for the influx of supporters.

    The training facility turned into an arena for one special night in Logan. Fitness challenge, mental challenge or both, the competitors rolled in one by one and were all ready to FIGHT.


  • Fight Night

    The fight night kicked off with 2 Muay Thai fighters contesting a heated battle

    The gym was buzzing with nervous excitement.  The announcer did a quick mic check and the doors finally opened. As the hundreds of supporters made their way through the entrance, organisers kept an eye on the thick grey clouds that began to form above the gym in Logan. ‘Bootcamp’ gets thrown around a fair bit nowadays in the fitness industry. This was much, much more than that.  This was a ‘Fight Camp’.  TFC members signed up for 8 weeks of blood, sweat and tears, pushing themselves to their physical and mental limits for this. Whether they chose Boxing or Muay Thai, the fighters put in countless rounds of bag work, pad drills, sprints and sparring. They got their diets in check, practised recovery techniques and received guidance from WBC World Muay Thai Champion Ben Johnston. This fight camp was not to be mistaken for a fitness Bootcamp.

    The fighters brought their bodies to the brink of failure only to dig deep and show up on Fight Night ready for action.  Tonight was their night to showcase all the hard work they’d put in over the last 8 weeks. 


  • The Card

    Fight Night was filled with 21 Boxing and Muay Thai fights with only a single intermission between the non-stop action.  8 Muay Thai fights and 13 Boxing fights proved especially tough for the judges to score as all the competitors brought their A-game. With the number of friends and family bringing The Fight Centre’s facility to capacity, it was obvious that none of the fighters were going to let their supporters down. 

    Each fighter walked out to their chosen entrance music, stood under the bright lights and had their names announced. The coaches gave their final instructions and the timekeeper rang the bell.  There were grunts, groans and hisses from inside the ring while the crowd oohed and ahhed in appreciation and cheered as the fighters tested each other’s limits. 

    Watch the TFC Fight Night live stream replay on Youtube here

    All fights went to the judges’ decision bar 2 which were unfortunately stopped due to injury.  All in all, the fighters showed good techniques, tremendous heart and great sportsmanship. 

  • On to the next

    Finally, Fight Night proved to be a success with ‘Fight Camp’ having a huge impact on the lives of the participants. This night proved the 8-week Fight Camp challenge to be much more than the average fitness Bootcamp. The physical and mental transformations of the participants were crystal clear. No doubt there will be a fresh crop of TFC members stepping up for the next instalment of Fight Camp. 

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