Joining a boxing gym – when is too old?

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Boxing is a wonderful sport to spectate, full of excitement and strategy. However, it is also one of the most beneficial physical activities that you can do, even if you have no ambition to ever compete. Have you been thinking about joining a boxing gym but think you might be too old? We’ve got good news for you.

Many choose boxing as a way to defend themselves, they’d not be wrong in thinking that boxing will serve them well for this particular need. Yet, another excellent benefit of boxing is the cardiovascular gains you will experience as your body transforms to match the needs of the training you will be doing.

There are many people that believe that they’re ‘too old’ to learn how to box, we’re here to say, that simply isn’t true. Too old to compete? Potentially. However, there is so much more to be gained from boxing than the ability to earn money from prizefighting. 

We’ll share with you some of these benefits below.

  • 1 Why is boxing the ideal fitness activity

    Burn fat while protecting your joints

    Due to the countless benefits both psychologically and physically, there are few better well-rounded fitness activities than boxing. Although activities like running are excellent fat burning exercises, they are also unforgiving on the joints. However, if you decide to join a boxing gym, you’ll find that you can burn a substantial amount of calories while protecting your body.

    The best stress reliever

    Many students find that boxing is an amazing stress reliever, regardless of whether you’re shadowboxing or hitting pads, the movements and focus required release endorphins and force you to be in the present moment.

  • 2 Where does boxing come from

    An ancient sport adapted to modern times

    Boxing, in a general sense, has been around for over 5000 years. There are records dating it to the Ancient Egyptian civilisation. However, the version of boxing that we now know of today, began between the 16-18th century in Great Britain. The professional sport was just as much about prizefighting as it is today.

    Still top dog

    Even though the popularity of mixed martial arts (MMA) has risen in the past two decades, boxing still remains King of the combat spectator sports.

  • 3 How is old is too old to start boxing

    Age is a number, activity a mindset

    This factor depends on what you are hoping to gain from joining a boxing gym. For the vast majority of people, they aren’t looking to become world champions. For this category, there really isn’t a ‘too old’. Ofcourse, you’re likely to see an age range around 18-35 in your gym, however, that doesn’t mean that if you are older you won’t be welcome. In fact, the complete opposite.

    Don’t miss out!

    There are so many benefits that can be gained through boxing, that one shouldn’t limit themselves to only very restrictive exercises due to their age. In fact, boxing can be easier on the body than many physical activities such as running (knees, ankles and hips).

    Stay safe, train smart

    It is important to remember that although the sport of boxing is a contact sport, you do not need to get hit to learn how to box when joining a boxing gym. The vast majority of benefits from training boxing regularly are possible for people of all ages.

  • 4 Will boxing compliment my other martial arts or sports I do

    Become functionally fit

    Boxing is quite possibly one of the best sports to condition your body for practical purposes. While your friend that does bicep curls 3 times a week may have bigger arms than you, the strength and coordination gained through learning boxing transforms your body on a holistic level. ‘Gassing out’ aka getting tired, puts a ceiling on how much you can do and therefore learn in a session. Thanks to boxing being so taxing on your cardiovascular system, you’ll find the stamina benefits gained from boxing allow you to perform better and learn quicker in other disciplines.

    Be ready

    Looking at boxing in a simplistic way, it is simply a striking sport that allows only punches. While this can make you extremely proficient in self-defence, it doesn’t cover every eventuality. For example, what if a street fight hits the ground? Nothing is taught to the boxer about defending themselves in this position. At TFC we advocate for a well-rounded approach if self-defence is your main priority. Boxing would complement Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (predominantly a ground grappling discipline) wonderfully, for one simple reason, the combination of the two allows you to be effective wherever the fight goes.

  • 5 Does boxing make you more aggressive

    Helps maintain a state of calm

    Paradoxically, learning a combat sport often makes you less aggressive. To get a real understanding as to why that is the case, we need to look a bit closer at where aggression stems from. Fundamentally, it is a fear response, when we feel threatened we generally respond in one of three ways. In no particular order, they are; flee, freeze or fight. Aggression is an outward expression of self to gain power over our surroundings, why would we want power? Because on some level we feel powerless.

    Competence breeds genuine confidence

    Learning a sport such as boxing instils genuine confidence in one’s ability to defend themselves. Therefore, the fear response is less likely to be triggered as you become more self-assured in your ability to match a situation with the necessary force if the time arises. 

  • 6 Hidden benefits of boxing

    Knowing you can defend yourself is liberating

    There are countless benefits when it comes to learning the ‘sweet science’ in a boxing gym that are often not discussed. For example, many students find that their overall confidence improves significantly through learning the discipline. You’ll also find breaking bad habits significantly easier once you become consistent, especially the consumption of junk food. This is because you become more conscious of the fuel that you feed your body and will often restructure your intake to get the best output in the gym.

  • 7 How to practise boxing while travelling

    Train any time, anywhere

    Thanks to modern technology, there is no reason why you can’t improve your boxing skills while travelling. Although nothing can completely replace the experience of being part of a quality boxing gym, there are options such as online programs that can serve as an excellent aid until you are able to get into a gym.

    Select your training material carefully

    To ensure you don’t pick up any bad habits from random instructionals you find online, we suggest you follow a set program by experienced trainers. Due to popular demand we have created our own Online Boxing Program. You can rest assured that the instruction you will get is top quality, as TFC have a track record of world champions and elite level trainers.

    Check out our liver shot an instructional video here.

    Interested in world-class level instruction at an affordable cost? Check out our online boxing program here.

  • 8 What type of boxing programs does TFC offer

    Come train with us!

    At TFC we try to offer as many opportunities as possible for students to improve their boxing. This is why we provide multiple classes at different times in the day at our boxing gym. Due to popular demand we recently began offering morning classes, they’re an excellent way to start your day!

    While it may feel like a struggle to get out of bed, the feeling you get of smashing a workout with friends before most people have even gotten out of bed is well worth it. We also cater to a variety of ages, such as; adults, teenagers and children. No matter how old you are, you can benefit from learning how to box.

    Learn more about our morning classes here.

    We can prepare you for battle

    Have you got an interest to compete? We provide top quality boxing instruction at TFC that will allow you to go into your fights as prepared as possible. Bear in mind, if you are new to boxing we suggest you train for a prolonged period of time before taking your first bout. Consult with your trainer for an accurate time estimate.

    Check out what you can expect from your first fight here.

  • 9 Conclusion

    boxing near me

    There is no better time to start boxing than right now! Can’t get into our gym yet? No problem, check out our online program. In the Brisbane area and ready to get started? We’d love to see you!

    Interested in starting to learn to box? Come join us at TFC. We provide high-quality instruction in a friendly environment to ensure you learn the correct technique and have a blast while doing it! Find out more here.

    Concerned you need to fight to learn to box? We uncover the truth here.