The Monthly Catch-Up: November 2020

Fight Night Recap – November Edition

November proved an action packed month for our Fight Team, with six of our Fighters on display across three different cards.

Rafael Vilches @ Eternal MMA 55

November 21st saw Raf enter the octagon as the co-main event at Eternal MMA 55, in his second professional MMA bout. Raf, long-time member of the TFC Fight Team and Coach in our morning classes, took the fight on five days’ notice. Despite looking dominant on the feet, Raf lost by a heel hook submission in the first round.


Harry Sheppard and Luke Brennan @ Best of the Best

On what proved to be an auspicious night for the TFC Fight team, the 28th of November held two fight cards with five TFC Fighters on show.

Over at ‘Best of the Best’, held at the MX Store in Burleigh, Harry and Luke both displayed performances that are becoming emblematic of The Fight Centre. Harry won by decision after three dominant rounds and Luke secured his win with an impressive KO via head kick in the first round.


Brad Trevisan, Brett Morgan and Diaz Tuakifalelei @ Total Impact

Meanwhile, down the road in Southport at the Croatian Club, our boxers walked away with 3 wins for 3 fights. Brett and Diaz made their fight debuts while Brad stepped into the ring for the first time in over a year. His win was made even sweeter after a tumultuous last fight. All three boxes won on points after putting on measured performances, which demonstrated their skill, talent and grit.

But the action doesn’t stop there! Make sure to check out our ‘Fight Calendar’ (featured below) as well as our Facebook and Instagram pages to stay up-to-date on upcoming fight events.

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And the Results Are In! 

As you progress on your Muay Thai journey, grading can represent an important marker along the way. At The Fight Centre, grading represents an important way to measure the skill and dedication of our members. We are of the firm belief that stripes are earned, not given.

At The Fight Centre, we conduct both kids and teens and adults grading. Our kids grading was held on the 23rd of November, and our teens and adults grading will be held on the 12th of December. While our grading systems may differ between the two groups, our Coaches use the same criteria – technical proficiency, perseverance and passion.

To learn more about the significance of grading, our ranking systems and what our Coaches look for, check out our article here.

And if you have any questions, feel free to contact us! 


New Content Alert!  

You know the drill – new month, new content! Keep reading for a preview of what’s dropped in November.


Level Up!

 Whether you’re preparing for a fight or looking to apply your drills into practice, sparring plays a key role in any training regime. As well as being a test of physical and technical abilities, sparring also tests your resilience and determination.

Often, it is this mental aspect of sparring that can prove the most challenging – battling nerves, fatigue and ego and still managing to throw kicks and punches is no easy feat!

Lucky for us, Coach Ben, with special guest Coach Mitch, have come up with a new video that addresses some of the mental aspects of sparring. Check out their video covering five key tips you should know, here.


Get Your Head in the Game

Like many other firsts, your first fight is unique and special. Every aspect of the experience is new – from training camp, to your walkout and the sweet or sour taste of victory or defeat after the fight.

In our new article, we cover off what to expect in your first fight and strategies to employ to make sure you make the most out of the experience. While written from a boxing perspective, these strategies can be employed across any martial art – so there’s something for our Muay Thai and BJJ readers too!

Get the low-down here.


Welcome to the New Members of the TFC Community!

We are so excited to see our TFC Family continue grow and would like to recognise the new members of the TFC Community who have begun their journey with us in November:


  • Alex Sela
  • Amy Langdon
  • Anton Penc
  • Aria-Jaye Te Hiwi
  • Arsh Dhillion
  • Ben McGowan
  • Benjamin Turituri
  • Brooke Diachkoff
  • Cameron Crowden
  • Carlos Whakatau
  • Chiliang Jou
  • Darren Sharma
  • David McAuliffe
  • Dominic Richardson
  • Emily Povey
  • Ethan Hong
  • Eunice Wong
  • Fathima Nooru-Mohamed
  • Francis Whakatau
  • Georgia McKay
  • Gourav Shankar
  • Griffin Sheppard
  • Hayden Barker
  • Hudson Skeggs
  • Irene O’Keefe
  • Isaac Niyogushima
  • Isaac Sela
  • Jack Hartley Hewitt
  • Jacob Hill
  • Jaimie Wallace
  • James Rucyanamanzi
  • Jay Kohleis
  • Justin Plail
  • Laufiso Lemuelu
  • Luke Pitman
  • Lynelle Hayman
  • Matthew Hughes
  • Mehdi Ataee
  • Mereana Pitman
  • Mitchell Pont
  • Mohemod Alrecaby
  • Mussie Berhe
  • Oshanis Whakatau
  • Paras Sheoran
  • Rajat Maan
  • Reginald Prasad
  • Samir Pakzad
  • Sean Beard
  • Sekeria Abdi
  • Shannon Brown
  • Shannon Jennings
  • Sharlene Lee-Jendili
  • Shilo McCleary
  • Stasia Pitman
  • Suzy Stone
  • Takoda Knox
  • Tommy-Lee Mak
  • Whetu Te Huia Graham
  • Zane Wechon

Welcome! We look forward to seeing your progress and are excited to help you in achieving your goals!

new members at tfc


All We Do is Win, Win, Win…

Each month, we use this part of ‘The Monthly Catch-Up’ to celebrate the wins of our amazing TFC Community. Reflecting on and celebrating our wins helps us to remember where we’ve come from and the progress we’ve made. Far from being a self-indulgent exercise, it helps build and re-affirm our self-belief in what we can achieve.  Over the past few months, we have loved hearing about the progress our members are making towards their goals.

Name: Prashilta Naidu

Win: I’ve had a few wins of late: I’ve received my first stripe in BJJ, successfully graded for my Brown Grade in Muay Thai and received a job offer in my chosen field in Sydney. While I’ve been working towards all of these achievements for varying periods of time (4 months, 4 years and 8 years respectively), they’re all equally important wins in my mind because they represent the culmination of a lot of hard work, determination and resilience. In so many ways, they made me develop new levels of mental and physical endurance and resilience, and showed me what I’m capable of.


Fight Calendar

 With the year drawing to an end, we’re making sure to head out with a bang!  Our Fighters have continued to train hard throughout the year, and can’t wait to put on a show.

For ticketing or other enquiries, please see our Front Desk or speak to the relevant Fighter directly. Fight shows are subject to change so please keep an eye out on our Facebook and Instagram pages for any changes.


5th: Aaron “Chilli” Carroll, Dino Bijedic, Fraser Tekura, Hamish Wilson, Jayde Cinelli, Joshua “Porky” Brennan, Saxyn-Pobjoy Sherriff, Taylor Morrissey and Travis Cromhout (Muay Thai) @ The Alan Bell Open, Carrara Indoor Sports Stadium

Our Fighters’ truly value and appreciate your support – so please, show them some love!

Pro-tip: At the fights –

  1. Make sure you’re rocking your best TFC gear!
  2. Always use the TFC Sign in all photos – use liberally, without discretion and make sure to teach your family and friends.
  3. Tag @thefightcentre in all your photos!



Until next time – happy training!