Fight Night 4 Was Too Good

TFC Fight Night is a local Logan City Fight Night that TFC runs as the closing event of their exclusive, member-only Fight Camps.  The 4th Fight Night as part of Fight Camp 4 just happened to coincide with the date of May 4th (May the 4th be with you vibes) – – and it did not disappoint.

Fighter Walk Out - Ainsley Mamea

If you didn’t manage to get tickets I’m not surprised (*read like Nate Diaz*) – it was packed.

(The entire stream is available on YouTube here if you missed it!)

While I’m glad we captured the stream for all the supporters who couldn’t make it, I can’t convey how good the vibe was in real life!

In my years at TFC I’ve been to many fight shows all over QLD – Eternal, Beatdown, Eruption, Ignition, Destiny, XFC, MTL – -, pick any three random letters of the alphabet, put them together and I have been to that show.

Muay Thai win for Stephen MulcahyI’ve even been to some of the weirder ones like ‘Bucking and Fighting’ – which is half rodeo, half Muay Thai, but STILL, absolutely, unequivocally, hands down, my favourite event in the fight calendar is the TFC Fight Night.

The whole gym transforms in the space of a day, and it’s TFC through and through.  The fighters, coaches, refs, judges, announcers, everyone is a member of the TFC family.

It’s a show for us, by us and it makes a completely safe space for our teammates to jump over the ropes for the first time and show off everything they have learned over their 8-Week Fight Camp.

You get to see the transformations of skill, mind, and body in every single participant and it makes me so proud to be a member of TFC that we have so many people willing to take the plunge and step outside their comfort zone every time it’s on.

‘The fights were perfectly matched this fight night which is insanely hard to do given everyone has different starting points but I think it’s a clear illustration of how much effort and attention goes into keeping everyone safe and competitive.’

We even had goats at the event, and I’m not talking about Uncle Des (and he is the greatest). Uncle Des straps up his fighter in the corner
I mean we had an actual petting zoo this time around and the food trucks were top-tier.

I think eating Gozleme, while petting a duck and watching two of my friends fight each other in a ring might be the closest thing to heaven on Earth I am ever going to get – name one thing that’s better than that – maybe two ducks? But that’s about it.

I could see the fire of motivation lighting in the crowd as the night went on.

The deeper into the card we got the more people came up to me and said some version of “Hey should I jump on the next one?”

If you are reading this the answer is yes you absolutely should!

It is designed for people of all genders, fitness, and skills.
It’s the perfect launching point for an interest in combat sports.
Plus you get to have a profile picture of you in a ring fighting on Insta, and let’s be honest that alone is worth the price of admission.

Just imagine the look on that idiot from high school’s face when they see you in full gear looking lean and dangerous, that’s worth the 8 weeks.

Nakia Melody, Fight Night 4 commentator

Nakia Melody in his commentator shirt

My MVP of the night goes to Nakia for his premium taste in shirts and his in-depth knowledge of everyone on the card!  The man did his research and it showed.

TFC Fight Night 4 announcer Blair Layt

This is Blair Layt, not Jake

Side note: Blair Layt (our announcer for the night) and I (Jake) are two different people. If I have one more person come up and tell me I did a good job or ask me to perform at their birthday or wedding I’m not even going to get mad I’m just gonna say yes; rock up at their event and treat them to me singing the entire back catalog of Creed after a few pints. You have been warned.

Ok, I’ve rambled too long so I will just leave you with one of the best quotes about fighting of all time from Muhammad Ali  that sums up the overall mission statement of fight camp:

The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses—behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights.

Cube Home Loans 
‘Your Local Brokers’

That Gelato Truck
Le Mak Express
Bonjour Bahn Mi
Joy Turkish Street Food
The Odd Squad Family (petting zoo)

Faiga Malcolm Photography

Psssssttt…. we’re thinking of having Fight Camp 5 this Spring, what do you reckon?

Live action Muay Thai in TFC Fight Night 4
Fight Camp at TFC for Fight Night 4
Warming up in the change rooms for TFC Fight Night 4
Well organised event TFC Fight Night 4
Food trucks at TFC Fight Night 4